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How the use of cell phones changes the English for High School and College student

How the use of cell phones changes the English for High School and College student Mobile phones have been attributed to the poor performance among most students at school. The growing technology has enabled young boys and girls to acquire advanced mobile phones that can contain all their necessities. With these phones, students have been able to interact through chats via text messages and other messaging platforms like Whatsapp and Kik. Through this art of chatting, they have developed some form of writing their messages that they can understand. Different groups have different forms of writing certain words and only people in that particular group can understand these words. Moreover, shortening...

Parental Education and teen understanding

Parental Education and Teen Understanding Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract Most parents want to offer the assistance and information their kids need to become accountable and satisfied grownups. Mother and father, however, are sometimes scared of referring to sex with their children. It may be because they feel unpleasant referring to reproduction areas of one's human body and features. For many parents, the subject of sex never came up when they were growing up. Sometimes they wonder if referring to sex and related topics would motivate their kids to research. The truth is adolescents, whose parents talk about all factors of sex with them, usually wait before becoming sexually...

favorite civil liberty and civil right

Name Professor’s name Course Date Favorite Civil Liberty and Civil Right My favorite civil liberty is the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech is a way of communicating individual ideas, perceptions and opinions without fear and intimidation of the authority and government. Anyone human being has a right to articulate or express himself without minding the reaction of the surrounding people. All the same the government restricts the communication or speech in some given situations. Some of the general limitations to this freedom include obscenity, fighting words, pornography, slander, sedition, libel and incitement. These limitations, however, apply only when a third party is affected...

To write a piece of respons on the short story ” The Chrysanthemums”

The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck. Reaction and Response Paper. Bringing out the essence of being a woman, Steinbeck brings about a sense of realization among his readers especially in the manner by which they handle the different constraints of being in an unwanted relationship. Steinbeck introduced the character of Elisa in the narrative through third-person speech pattern, nevertheless, it is obvious how he wanted to use the character of Elisa as the eyes and ears of his readers into the picture he wanted to paint alongside the story he wanted to share to the public. Noticeably, it could be understood that such approach to writing has lead Steinbeck into opening new doors of improvement on how...

Evidence Presentation

Evidence Presentation for Innocence Name Institution Evidence Presentation for Innocence I must begin this statement by making a claim that I am innocent of the hack that occurred in the World’s Classics Publishing Company with the result that some of the texts were altered. In the same vein, I accept that the evidence collected by the investigative authorities is very damaging to my case. This is because my computer logs indicate that I was logged into the company’s computer network. In addition, my computer hard drive contains documents in which classic literature have been revised to use modern language that is easy to understand. Besides that, I am a member of internet forums that...

A critical thinking paper that involves a movie and a book.

Name: Institution: Course: Date: THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MOUNTAINS and Greed by Phyllis A. Tickles. Introduction These are two great pieces of art that were made up in the 20th Century; the film is one that came out in 1958, and the book is one which came up later on but did actually get to catch the attention of the society. From that time, they have been regarded as two great pieces of art; they never get old as they did get to describe the society so well. Some of the issues that came out in this two pieces are still contentious even in the current society as well. It is so amazing regarding how they have managed to retain their relevance all the way up to this time in the society. They...

discipline of anthropology

Student name Professor Course Date The Essence of Anthropology Since evolution, man has made some major leaps from the primitive man to the tech-dependent generation man is today. The study of how man has evolved over the years is Anthropology. The study helps evaluate and appreciate the progress man has made since the Stone Age. Anthropology covers the difference in culture, the human society, the physical differences, and the linguistic achievement of man. Anthropology is important because it helps students improve the knowledge base on the different cultures thus widens students' perspectives. Anthropology covers various issues that are subject to discussion in the global society. Some of...

Policy Changes

Policy Changes. The fact that the employee asked for some time to go and attend some personal businesses does concern supervisor George Mann’s; he added on the list of employees' personal business by sending him/her to pick some stuff that was needed in the operation of the business. He should argue based on the fact that he is a supervisor who has the mandate to give guidelines and also delegate work. He gave the employee the task of buying several small lawnmower parts that the maintenance department required running its activities. Therefore, it means the employee was not out for only personal businesses but also for the department business. Sally Carter’s should argue supporting the...

Phonology theory and the difficulties in teaching pronunciation to non-English speakers

Pronunciation Problems for Non-native English Speakers Name Institutional Affiliation Pronunciation Problems For Non-Native Speakers TranscriptionInterviewer: Good afternoon Mida. Thank you for allowing me to interview you and don’t worry this interview will be very informal. The First thing is, can you tell us anything about yourself.Interviewee: Myself is umm… about myself, I am from the Philippines, and I…I am from Pangasrone. My language is Il Lugano, and I have two children, and in the Philippines, we are a big family. …Yes… so... I am thirty-four years old.Interviewer: Oh. You are still young. I thought you are twenty-five years...