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Security Survey

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Security SurveyA security survey involves an analysis of a company’s facility, personnel, and assets with the aim of evaluating its potential risks and creating measures to protect them. This analysis ensures that an organization does not come to a standstill during a potential crisis. In fact, a security survey should be an integral part of a company’s security program as it enables the gathering of valuable information that is critical to the design and implements appropriate security systems. Risk assessment is a vital factor in security survey and is a determinant in formulating the security systems. This essay aims to discuss how risk assessment applies to security survey.
The first step of security survey is intelligence gathering. It involves gathering information about the organizations such as its operation and objectives. Risk assessment falls in this level and its done to identify potential targets to any form of attack or tragedy (Houlis, 2015). The targets may be property, information or people that will be lost or feel the impact of the loss in case of a threat. After identification of targets, the probability of the threat and the effect is calculated. Different companies face different threats, but overall risks may include theft, arson, break-ins, robbery, software or program sabotage among others. The risk analysis requires the company to identify all its critical assets and their value based o…

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