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Romeo and Juliet – How does shakespeare express the theme of love and death throughout the play?

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Romeo and Juliet
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Montague and Capulet’s families played a very significant role in this play. Romeo and Juliet is a book about two young people who were lovers, but from the beginning, their love was destined for separation and destruction simply because of the rivalry and hatred that existed between the two families. Generally, love is a powerful emotion that is wanting, appreciating and accepting others and makes them feel good. In the play, Shakespeare portrays different ways in which love was demonstrated and later the theme of death. The paper explains different ways the author brings out the theme of love and death.
Themes of love and death
In the book, Shakespeare brings out some different types of love including love from parents, idealistic love and also love found among pals. The two lovebirds Romeo and Juliet clearly demonstrate what idealistic love is. Despite the many challenges they faced, they went ahead to demonstrate their affection to each other (MacKenzie, 2007). In the book, Romeo and Juliet always dreamt of being a perfect couple and this clearly shows a good example of real love. At one time Romeo feels that he can’t get over her former lover Rosaline, therefore, two of her friends Mercutio and Benvolio advised him to attend a party at Capulets home and try to find a new girl to console him. Here there is a theme of love in true friendship as the two friends want Romeo to get anothe…

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