Creative writing

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Creative writing
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Employee’s Roles & Characteristics

Cultural Competence for an Employee Student’s Name Institution Introduction Hello, you can call me Laura, I am a worker in this department. Welcome to our organization, more specifically to our office. Feel free to be in our department. I would like to take you through the various programs and how we operate as an organization. Feel free to ask questions for clarification. In the modern society, most companies have shifted their management from being action driven to results. Most of the organizations have taken the idea of changing to result-driven goals. Most of the investors, stakeholders, and donors are after the profit which they will make out of their investment thus they need to know...

Deserted House

Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date of Submission The Deserted House That evening was unusually hot and steamy and all of a sudden, increasingly light winds started blowing in the same direction. The classes ended and we took to our heels. My friend Hellen-Alice joined me just past the gate and I was grateful to have such a talkative companion for the long stretch. We had barely walked half a mile while the twirling funnel of air started blowing towards us. We could see it from a distance and we realized it wouldn’t be possible going back to school. We had to seek shelter fast before the tornado swept us. A few meters to our left were this strange house which seemed awry even from...

Writer’s Choice

Creative Writing Nursing / Life Self-Care Plan Name Institution Life Self-Care Wheel The wheel of life is a good tool for excising and measuring how every individual is balancing their lives and gaining success in all aspects of life. It is a common tool used in coaching and in trying to help people set life goals that are achievable. It encompasses all aspects of life including; emotional, spiritual, psychological, intellectual, social, and physical (Lawson & Myers, 2011). Nursing as a profession involves caring for the well-being of patients throughout their illnesses, thus it creates distress and imbalances in the lives of the nurses (Sanchez-Reilly, Morrison, Carey, Bernacki, O'Neill, Kapo...

Does Sex Sell?

Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Abstract When you get into the advertising industry, you will hear the phrase: sex sells. Marketers normally use radical techniques like sexual imagery to capture the attention of their audience in their advertisement. It refers to sexy or beautiful women and handsome men used to lure viewers, listeners or readers. It is also incorporated by the use of hints of sexual behavior such as flirtatious body language, open posture and eye contact with the viewer. The pervasiveness of the strategy is the fact that most companies believe that sex appeal works well. Sex appeal is an attention getter in marketing ads. In some cases, the products present natural...

Romeo and Juliet – How does shakespeare express the theme of love and death throughout the play?

Romeo and Juliet Student name Institution Date Introduction Montague and Capulet’s families played a very significant role in this play. Romeo and Juliet is a book about two young people who were lovers, but from the beginning, their love was destined for separation and destruction simply because of the rivalry and hatred that existed between the two families. Generally, love is a powerful emotion that is wanting, appreciating and accepting others and makes them feel good. In the play, Shakespeare portrays different ways in which love was demonstrated and later the theme of death. The paper explains different ways the author brings out the theme of love and death. Themes of love and...

The Pen Plotter Computer System

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date The History of Computer Art ‘The Pen Plotter’ In the current era, computer technology has rapidly developed to cater for the growing demanding needs in most of the fields. Significant strides have taken effect in technology innovation, and this has seen more sophisticated computer technologies that are more advanced compared to the prior past technologies. Conversely, computer technology has increased its fields ranging from businesses, factories to even military fields. In the military, the implication of Pen Plotter technology has primarily developed a continental air defense system. This has catered for a considerable reduction in some of...

Overpopulation satire essay

Student’s Name: Professor: Course: Date: Overpopulation Satire The world currently faces myriads of social and environmental issues, but none of them is as important as the problem of overpopulation. As a result of the unprecedented rate at which the global population is growing, great demands are being placed on lands and the available natural resources. This, in turn, has resulted in widespread environmental problems such as population and climate change. The problem is made worse by the fact the current solutions to addressing the overpopulation problem have not been successful and their remains a huge misunderstanding of causes and impact of overpopulation. Solutions such as increased...

Personal Narrative

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Personal Narrative “How can you not speak Cantonese?” People were all surprised when they heard that. All right, I’ve been living almost 18 years in Guangzhou, with my grandfather and my mother being a native of Guangdong; I can understand most of the Cantonese words, but I truly don’t speak it. Since I was a child, I had been told about the long history, great status and the beautiful tone of Cantonese by my grandpa who always had great expectations of me. Perhaps out of sheer contrariness, the more he talked, the less I would like to learn. It never occurred to me that Cantonese could be as good as he always said. Even though grandpa...

Self care

Self-care in Healthcare Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Self-care Self-care is referred as the type of care which is usually taken by people for the benefit of their health as well as wellbeing. Notably, it encompasses the actions taken by individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle. Ideally, this is done to meet their emotional, social, and psychological necessities to attend to their long-term benefits. The trend toward self-care is evidenced by the movements that bolster self-care as well as enhancing the enjoyment of living a full and satisfying life (Kim, 2014). Primarily, this is showcased by the firm studies conducted to assist individuals to stimulate many people and...