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Rituals and stereotypes in contemporary popular culture

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Rituals and stereotypes in contemporary popular culture

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Rituals and stereotypes in contemporary popular culture
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Rituals and stereotypes in contemporary popular culture
Stereotypes and rituals are important concepts that currently exist in the world today. They are mostly found in the popular culture and practiced by individuals knowingly or unknowingly. Rituals pertain to different patterns and actions that are practiced for various reasons. They are however followed or practiced for purposes of remembering the past. Rituals are actions or things performed in a particular contrast norm or protocol that is viewed as normal. Stereotypes are clear perceptions by individuals when they consider things or peculiar characteristics of people to be similar.
Personal Rituals and Stereotypes in music and the internet
Facebook is my favorite website, and it is vital and commonly used on a daily basis. The reason behind its being favourite is because members on the social forum use it to share and document different rituals that pertain to different individuals. Unfortunately, such users project their stereotypes while posting comments or memes. Stereotypes and rituals can easily be displayed by Facebook members when it is used.

Facebook is likeable as a site because it helps individuals to post different photos and events they might want to remember in future. Most of these photos are often from different holiday events and family members who would wish to have them as memories in …

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