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As a white male living Maine how would my life be different if I was a minority race?

Culture: Name of student: Name of institution: If I were to be a Muslim woman living in Maine, I believe that my life would be different from how it is now. Muslims are a minority race in Maine, representing 10% of the total population in this northeastern most state in the U.S (Moore, 2014). Most Americans in the country would consider me as an outsider, hence getting suspicious of my motives and beliefs. Currently, American Muslims suffer racial injustice and inequality on all forms. I would feel as if America was not meant for us. Being a Muslim in America means that everyone tells you that the likelihoods of success are limited in the U.S. Being brought up in this hostile environment to...

How reading changed my life

Student’s Name: Professor: Course: Date: “How reading changed my life.” In his book, How Reading Changed My Life, Quindlen makes a compelling argument of how reading helped change his life. Reading is a crucial part of life and a prerequisite in building literacy. More so, reading is an important source of virtually everything in existence. It improves one’s knowledge (Braunger and Lewis 6) and consequently increases a person’s opportunities. After taking a scholarship test, Quindlen (4) points out that he was certain of grabbing the scholarship. He attributes his success to deep reading. Also, I was surprised when Quindlen (6) argues that “reading makes immigrants of us all”....

Living a Country Life

Living a Country Life Before civilization, the natural habitat of human beings was the Savannah. The major economic activity people carried out for survival was hunting and gathering. The activities did not allow permanent settlement. With the aim of finding new resources, people kept on moving from one place to another. Migration was common until the agrarian revolution when people started domestication of plants and animals. Humans were able to grow their food and keep livestock. People started living on farms where houses were grouped into villages. Some of these villages developed into towns and cities. However, some individuals chose to live in the rural areas where they were involved in...

Where is it and Why?

Student’s Name Course Name Instructor’s Name Due Date Why are there so many slums in India? The answer is positively intricate and critical. In any case, the intriguing part for me is exactly how rapidly and that question strikes a chord when you visit India. On the off chance that you gaze upward, Mumbai and numerous other Indian urban communities are emphatically urban – with tall structures simply like those you may hope to discover anyplace else on the planet. However, when you look down, India gets to be one of a kind. Truly intertwined all through the elevated structures are littler, temporary habitations that house a gigantic segment of the populace. Yes, there is a considerable...


As per the Oxford English Dictionary, a divorce refers to a legal marriage dissolution. In the event that a person wants out, or wishes to file a complaint that can lead to marriage, then they must have stayed in that marriage for at least a year. In the UK for instance, a divorce can only be granted when a court of law is satisfied that all the provided reasons are adultery either by the wife or the husband or in some cases, by unreasonable behavior arising from the wife or the husband. A divorce can also be granted where needed in such cases as a husband or wife deserting their spouses for more than a year. Statistics shows that infidelity is on the rise in Qatar, owing to the fact that...

Rituals and stereotypes in contemporary popular culture

Rituals and stereotypes in contemporary popular culture Name: Institutional Affiliation: Rituals and stereotypes in contemporary popular culture Introduction Stereotypes and rituals are important concepts that currently exist in the world today. They are mostly found in the popular culture and practiced by individuals knowingly or unknowingly. Rituals pertain to different patterns and actions that are practiced for various reasons. They are however followed or practiced for purposes of remembering the past. Rituals are actions or things performed in a particular contrast norm or protocol that is viewed as normal. Stereotypes are clear perceptions by individuals when they consider things or...

Heroes and celebrities of popular culture

HEROES AND CELEBRITIES Name Institute Date Heroes and Celebrities Definition, similarities, and differences Literature, both psychological and medical, provides various definitions for a hero and a celebrity. A hero is defined as a person ‘who already has and will produce objects, ideas and followers (which are of national and international importance), and whose achievements persist through time.’ CITATION Nor05 l 16393 (North, Bland, & Ellis, 2005) This criterion, of doing things that surpass time itself, and prove themselves to be of importance no matter what the era, seems to be the main factor that distinguishes a hero and a celebrity. A celebrity, thus, is defined as a...

James Bond (films)

James Bond Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction James Bond, a fictional character in James Bond films with certain extraordinary macho abilities, and a cultural phenomenon that is a superspy and adopts marvelous technology to bring down evil people. The character captures the essence of masculinity; sleek cars, scandalous relationships, and ludicrous spy toys and gadget such as the dart gun mounted on the wristwatch. Myth James Bond’s confidence, self-control, and strength, charm and independence are the qualities that seem only prevalent in utopia (Easthope, 1992). The James Bond films have successfully satisfied the audiences’ appetite for the mystical and...

One world health and the environment

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date One world health and the environment Argue for or against Fukuyama’s claim that “a biotechnology that seeks to manipulate human nature not only risks consequences, but can undermine the very basis of equal democratic rights as well” Biotechnology can be defined as the harnessing of cellular as well as biomolecular processes in the development of technologies and a variety of products that are used in enhancing human lives by helping combat diseases as well as other global problems such as hunger. The biotechnological solutions have widely been used to address food security problems and providing treatments for previously untreatable...