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Restaurant Development Concept

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Restaurant Development Concept

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Management

Level: College

Pages: 3

Words: 825

Restaurant Development and Concept
The vision highway bridge pizza restaurant: In the next six months the highway bridge will be well known in terms best staff, services as well as the best meal.

Part one
Brief introduction Highway Bridge Pizza Restaurant
Part two
Concept Development of the Highway Bridge Pizza Restaurant
The restaurant design budget
Location of Highway Bridge Pizza Restaurant
The Highway Bridge Pizza Restaurant menu
Part one
Highway bridge pizza restaurant is to be set up in Boston. The restaurant is to start before the beginning of next month along the Boston highway. We came up with ideas after we realized that along the highway heading to Boston there were few restaurants to offer services to the growing population in Boston hence we picked the word highway bridge as the brand name for the restaurant. From our perspective, the term highway will market our restaurant. To face the stiff competition from the existing the restaurant, we are prepared to offer better services and at a subsidized price to attract more customers.
The restaurant is intending to hire experienced as well as trained personnel who are capable of handling the customers efficiently. The staff members should be aware of all the etiquette needed when it comes to the handling of the customers. Secondly, the restaurant management is planning on setting up a petrol station on its environs. Becau…

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