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Rewriting American History
“Rewriting American History” essay by Frances Fitzgerald is a prolific literary work that explains how history textbooks are treated as gospel truth by Americans. Fitzgerald emphasizes that people believe most of the things they read in history textbooks irrespective of whether their contents are true or not (Fitzgerald 776). It is true that each generation of children read only one generation of schoolbooks without getting concerned that such information could be inaccurate. Such children do not investigate further by reviewing other literature to find common ground. Treating everything they read in the history books as gospel truth is the norm of such children.
It is a highly significant concern that whatever they read in the history books represents their particular version of America. This is because there is a belief in the permanence of the American-history textbooks. It is widely viewed that the contents of such history books cannot change and will be there for posterity (Geyh 28). The history in such books is treated as history forever for generations to come. However, it is highly significant to point out that not everything contained in the American history books is the truth.
The process of history education should be changed to address the concern. Not everything printed in the American history books should be taken as the truth and nothing else (Fitzgerald “Rewriting …

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