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Religious Beliefs caused the demise of Kingship

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Religious Beliefs caused the demise of Kingship

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Religious Beliefs Caused the Demise of KingshipThe concepts of religion and kingship are important in understanding the development of civilization. In the olden days, the king used to be viewed as a divine being; for his people, he was the manifestation or agent of the holy. Different communities around the world had their unique ways of selecting their chiefs and ensuring that the royal lineage transitions smoothly. As the people’s religious beliefs grew, the “sacred kingship” steadily declined. As the decades went by, the kings slowly lost their exalted position with the people. Their subjects then started to view them as leaders appointed by God, to divinely represent him on earth. The kings were considered responsible for the people, but religion taught he people to believe that if the Kings did not serve them well, they did not gain entry into the celestial realm when they passed away. This paper discusses how religious beliefs led to the demise of kingship based on Francis Oakley’s book “Kingship.”
The book in discussion traces the history of the practice of Kingship around the globe and the tenacity of its relation to the sacred. It talks about the cruel and oppressive to the less powerful figureheads from the New Stone Age period to the present times. Oakley, inside his book, takes into account, the many forms of kingships that existed during this time. These types included: The ancient Egyptian pharaohs, t…

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