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What invention would the world be better off without? Why?

Why the World Would Be a Better Place without the Invention of Nuclear Power and Arms Every invention made around the world is to help make life easier in a certain way. Many inventions have a lot of positive impacts on the lives of everyday citizens around the world. One invention that the world would be way better without is the nuclear power. It only ‘favors’ the powerful governments who can afford them and use them to display their might. Nuclear power is an invention that the world would have been way better without. The paper herein presents arguments supporting the reasons why the world would be a better place to live in if nuclear weaponry did not exist in the history and the future of...

A boy named Chris

Surname Instructor Course Code Date Chris Chris is a tall and skinny boy. His height is compared to that of a giraffe. When in a group of his age mates you can locate him from far due to his height as he stands taller than everybody else. His body is skinny and slender, with long legs and arms that match his height. His fingers are long and thin. Some of his classmates mock him for being skinny and view him as being weak physically. Although Chris is tall and skinny, he is a very handsome boy. His handsomeness compares to that of a prince charming. Everyone likes Chris and girls, in particular, are attracted to him due to his handsomeness. Chris’s complexion is light, neither too pale nor...

negative effects of homework to college students revised

Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Negative Effects of Homework to College Students Introduction In most colleges worldwide homework is considered a major part in the learning process with the intention of guiding the students and maintaining discipline. There is no learning institution where students are not assigned homework for it is considered a part of the learning process. Homework is mostly described as any type of work that instructors in the respective colleges assign to students to cover during their free time or non-school hours away from school. Homework is mostly given to students to enable them to understand a topic deeply that has already been covered in class or will...

primates & humans

Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Institution Affiliation: Date: Primates & amp; Humans Primates &amp Primate is mammals that have no/and or short tails and lives to win the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Europe, Asia and some parts of South American continents. They have five digits on each of their limbs; for grasping on branches of trees. Their bodies are covered with fur that aids them in keeping warm in the cold weather of for example the tropical rain forests (Zrenner, 6). Primates have a relatively smaller cranium; a reason given for this is because they have lower brain compared to humans. During chewing, their bone cheeks are so much put under pressure,...

CV For Seaman Revised

CURICULLUM VITAE Contact Information Name: Michael Epshtein Date of Birth: 1978/10/08 Sex: Male Nationality: Israel Tel: INTERNATIONAL 972 526709053 ISRAEL 0526709053 Location: Israel, Haifa. Email: [email protected]: Russian, English and Hebrew Objectives To work as Ship Superintendent utilizing my skills and talent to the fullest to provide excellent service and achieve professional growth. To be quick in problem solving and emergency response. To be a good team leader in all the activities expected in the technical department as the ship superintendent Self-motivated, able to prioritize and complete superintendent’s tasks and follow through to achieve project...


Homosexuality Homosexuality has been one of the most controversial issues in the world for a long time. When it started, the society banished the people that engaged in it. They were considered evil people who did not deserve to live with the normal people in the society. However, as time passed, the society started embracing their perceptions. The people that believed in homosexuality had set a fierce fight aimed at making the society appreciate their views. It is after that fight that led to the inclusion of homosexuality theme in many movies and television series. Additionally, the government introduced specific regulations that stated that discrimination based on sexual orientation was wrong and...

Kant’s view on the relationship between morality and politics

Kant's view on the relationship between morality and politics Students name Institution Kant states that only good will is considered good and without compromising in any aspect that enhances the goodness. He claims that upholding morality is our duty and that it should be considered and obligation without taking derailing exceptions. Kant suggested that a human being should be able to make the independent decision and only then they can be assumed to have achieved their full potential (Kant, Kleingeld, Waldron, Doyle & Wood, 2006). He uses the motto of enlightenment to express the application of person reasons to take specific actions in life. Human actions similarly to the natural...

Moral valuses, cultural relativism, rights and virtue ethics

Case Analysis #2 In this essay, we aim to analyze four cases and give an insight into the moral approach for each of the presented situations. To keep this article short, we will not write each case’s situation. Instead, we will refer to them by the numbers provided. CASE #14 It is a rather anachronistic perspective to think that inventions themselves are immoral. That could indicate that a Frankenstein complex seeps in the Western society. Inventions are not immoral, their use might be, but we cannot say that automobiles, or printed press are. To answer the case presented, we will use the Aristotelian concept of eudaimonia. The Greek term means happiness and well-being (Gowans 1). In...

Does the Divorce of Parents Harm Their Children

Does the Divorce of Parents Harm their Children? Name Institutional Affiliation Does the Divorce of Parents Harm their Children? Introduction A man and a woman come to a consensus based on a relationship they have nurtured for some time to settle down and establish a family. After that, they bear children as a symbol of growth and unity in the marriage. They offer the necessary support, care and protection to their children, educating them on various aspects as they develop emotionally, psychologically, socially and physically. Children depend on the two parents for their wellbeing as each plays a substantial role in their development. However, there are cases where the relation...