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Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 5

Words: 1375

Anne Sexton’s Life
Anne Gray Harvey was born in Newton, Massachusetts in November 1928. She was the daughter of Ralph Harvey, who was a successful businessman specialized in wool manufacturing. Her mother was known as Mary Gray Staples. Anne was brought up in a comfortable middle-class atmosphere in Weston, Massachusetts. Though raised in a middle-class environment, Anne was never comfortable with the life that was prescribed for her. In most cases, this is said to have been due to her father’s alcoholic nature. Her mother, on the other hand, had her literary ambitions frustrated by the life o the family. Therefore, Anne sought refuge from her unsettled family in a close relationship she had with her maiden great aunt. Her maiden lived with Anne’s family during her adolescent. Anne’s biographers recount some possible sexual abuses that she experienced while living with her parents. The state of her parents and family made Anne feel like she had been neglected and that she would one day be abandoned. Moreover, her maiden’s later hospitalization traumatized her. This paper seeks to give the detail of Anne Sexton’s life and how her life impacted her style of poetry (Ostriker, 11).
Anne ha a life full of depression and disturbance. She appeared to dislike school, and this is pointed to be as a result of her inability to concentrate in class. In 1945, she was sent to Rogers Hall boarding school where she began her writ…

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