Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography
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HIV Rates in Black Men

HIV Rates in Black Men Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation HIV Rates in Black Men According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2017), African Americans represent the largest percentage of new HIV infections and individuals living with AIDS. According to CDC (2017), as of 2015, African American individuals only represented 12% of the US population but were overrepresented (a staggering 48%) in the number of individuals ever diagnosed with HIV. Specifically, gay and bisexual men comprise the largest number of new infections among this race. In Atlanta, the rate of new HIV infections among this group has been termed as of “epidemic proportions”...

Ethical dilemma in doing well or doing the right thing

Ethical Dilemmas Name Institution Affiliation Abstract The decision-making process on whether to do an activity right or to do it well is very challenging, and it has resulted in several dilemmas for the doers to make. Most of the resultant factors that lead to these dilemmas when it comes to decision making are the scarcity of the resources that are used by the doer of the activity. The time limit also hinders the appropriate decision that is made. In an organization, however, the dilemma arises due to the difference in the opinion of the doer of the action to that of the organization or the management in the organization. In circumstances where individual works with a group, however, it...

Saving Capitalism Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography on Saving Capitalism Student’s Name Institution Annotated Bibliography on, Saving Capitalism Journals examined Sustainability Journal:2010 Cato Journal:2003 Articles examined New York Times (Online), New York: New York Times Company:2015. The Corporate Board:2017 Public Finance Quarterly:2012 Transition Newsletter:2003 SUM-Centre for Development and Environment:1999 Community Annotated Bibliography:2017 Capital Institute:2015 Capitalists antagonizing capitalism Bottos, K. (2012). Saving Capitalism from Capitalists. Public Finance Quarterly, 1, 140-147. Points out how insiders wield immense powers despite the endeavors of their countries towards passing...

Behavior Problems of Children and Solutions

ï»żBehavior Problems of Children and Solutions Name Institutional Affiliation Behavior Problems of Children and Solutions Kazdin, A. (2008). The Kazdin Method of Parenting the Defiant Child with No Pills, No Therapy, No Contest of will. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt This book based on the research of the writer, Kazdin, help parents to understand and help their children as they grow and interact with members of the society. The researcher has removed all the doubts that come along with myths and unreliable misconceptions that young people can engage in as they try to fit to the society. Kazdin is experienced in Child Psychiatry and Psychology; this makes him well conversant with the topic...

Hip Hip Culture

HIP HOP CULTURE George, N. (2005). Hip Hop America. New York: Penguin. Hip-hop is today a worldwide multi-billion dollars’ business. It has produced celebrities all across the world especially in America where hip hop is viewed as a culture. The hip hop culture can be identified by the tie-in the film production companies, cladding, cosmetics as well as TV stations. The culture also has its own style of sports and dialects in addition to lifestyle. Rabaka, R. (2012). Hip hop's amnesia: From blues and the black women's club movement to rap and the hip hop movement. Rabaka shows or outlines what hip hop music culture acquired from the classic blues, spirituals in addition to bebop and classic...

Are men who have vasectomies at a greater risk for testicular cancer than those who don’t.

Annotated Bibliographies: Are Men Who Undergo Vasectomy is at Increased Risk of Developing Testicular Cancer? Background Vasectomy is the surgical process of male sterilization or permanent contraception. The procedure involves surgical incision of the vas deferens in the testis and ligating the same in such a way, so the sperm is prevented from entering into the semen. Unavailability of sperm in the semen will not cause any pregnancy risk in his female sexual partner because fertilization of ovum is only possible upon fusion with the sperm. The operative procedure takes nearly 30 minutes and may be performed in a physician’s chamber, without the need for hospital admission. Evidence suggests...

Pornography: Is it just Love or a Behavioral disorder

“Pornography: Is it just Love or a Behavioral disorder”: An appraisal through Annotated Bibliographies Pornography is referred to the explicit use and portrayal of sexual content for evoking sexual arousal. Such portrayal comes through a variety of media exposures including internet, television, books, journals, magazines, movies, videos, and mobile MMS. It actually refers to the depiction of nude posters or sensuous images and the term is used from a viewer’s perspective, and then the act of porn itself. Pornography is produced by various professional porn stars or incidental depictions from certain adults or children from the society. Whoever generates such depictions it is intended to...

A Quantitative Exploration of Patients with Delirium

A quantitative exploration of patients with delirium Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation A quantitative exploration of patients with delirium Mc Donnell, S., & Timmins, F. (2012). A quantitative exploration of the subjective burden experienced by nurses when caring for patients with delirium. Journal of clinical nursing, 21 (17‐18), 2488-2498.The article focuses on the issue of nursing care provided to patients suffering from delirium. The subject of negative emotions and feelings by nurses tasked with the provision of care to delirium patients has, hitherto, been ignored. It is with this subject in mind that the authors of this article prepared this research to measure and...

Methods for detecting medication errors

ï»żName: Instructor: Course: Date Abstract This research assignment seeks to define the topic, medication errors. In addition, the paper identifies and justifies the various methods that are common in detecting medication errors. The paper involves references drawn from relevant works and researches from authors of this topic. Definitions Medication error refers to the discrepancy that arises from a prescriber's interpretation of medication order and the administered drug to the patient. Such errors arising include omission of a drug, unauthorized medication, wrong drug, and wrong technique of administration, wrong time, or wrong dosages CITATION Fly l 1033 (Flynn EA; Barker KN; Pepper GA;...