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Race matters

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Does Race Matter
Thesis statement
Racism and racial discrimination
George Zimmerman and Travon Martin
Discipline in school
Housing discrimination
Race and college admissions
Fisher v. The University of Texas (U.T.) case
Completion of college
Perception of campus climate
Race and jobs
Access to jobs
Re-employment after losing a job
Does Race Matter
The idea that races are genetically distinct has been dismissed scientifically. Race matters because this categorization of people is used to propagate racism and racial discrimination. The scientific concept of race was a mere hypothesis that lacked a firm scientific basis. In fact, there are no pure, distinct races biologically. Race matters because it is a social construct. The cultural, ideological and political factors of a society shaped the idea of race and racial discrimination.
Race matters because it is used to discriminate in positive and negative ways. Scientific research has shown that there exists an area in the human brain (neural circuitry) that will distinguish and predispose to a response based on the racial features of a person. Research has further suggested that the acknowledgement of race occurs within the first milliseconds of meeting a person. This may explain George Zimmerman’s reaction to Travon Martin and the subsequent shooting. In schools, students of colour are more likely to receive more severe punis…

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