Personal Statement

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Personal Statement
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parent statement

Name Instructor Course Date Parent statement It is my great pleasure to introduce my daughter, (name, years). (Name) has shown determination in her studies where she has qualified to join high school, and thus I am glad to write this statement for your consideration. (Name) is a nice girl, who is ever active in performing her duties and aiding in family chores. Her competencies in both academics and co-curriculum activities will best suit her in your school. Besides, she is best in drama and most of her time she spends in acting. (Name) pays attention to her teacher’s instructions and focuses on teamwork to bring out the best in her studies. By nature, (name) is a cooperative and loyal...

Personal Statement

Degree in Educational Leadership; Goals and Core Values of the Program Students Name Institution Date Abstract People attend schools to learn and gain experience about subjects that interest them. This learning process enables people to launch their careers and prosper in life by achieving their goals. A degree in educational leadership is a program that allows people to become teachers and leaders in various institutions. These people are responsible for the education of students and operating the learning institutions. Therefore, it is crucial for these people to get the best training possible. On their part, they are expected to reciprocate the same services in their responsibilities. In...

Research on Macroeconomics

Name Instructor Course Date Research on Macroeconomics As the field of economics expands, all eyes and interests shift to macroeconomics as the research area. Macroeconomics is one of the branches of economics which deals with the structure, behavior, performance and the decision making within the economy as a whole. Relatively, macroeconomics is a new branch thus there are many issues still need to be fixed and many new things to discover. Macroeconomics as well seems to be changing faster welcoming any form of contribution towards any problem discovered (Prescott, 3). Thus, macroeconomics goes beyond regional and national economies and look at the global economies as the whole. In...

Personal Statement MBA Program

Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: Date: A Personal Statement for an MBA Program A Ship in the Harbor is Usually Safe. But Ships are built to sail across Vast Waters I was brought up in a conservative family. My mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were all married at a young age of 17 years. I knew well my life would follow a similar trend unless I took and made bold steps regarding education. Driven by the pressing urge to break this deep-seated social cycle of early marriages, I took my education seriously at the high school and college levels. I was lucky to be the first female in the family to graduate from college and later enrolled in a graduate program in the...

Personal statement

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Personal Statement The human body carries out tremendously complex tasks on a routine basis. It comprises of remarkably complex organs, such as the liver, eyes, kidneys, the heart, the skin, and the brain, among others (Starr, Christine, and Lisa 384). In fact, the workings of the human brain easily make the most advanced computer ever made look like a toy. The complexity of interaction between cells and the fascinating immune system that is mostly efficient in fighting diseases make the human body a world in itself. The diversity of the human body with regard to coping with diseases has always fascinated me. I currently hold a bachelor degree in medicine and surgery,...

5 different topics on Security

DATA ENCRYPTION Students Name Name of class Instructor Institutional Affiliation Name of City Date Data encryption through TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt The discussion is the importance of enhancing cyber security and is asking organisations and individuals that utilise TrueCrypt as their main encryption for system drives to take a look at its history and consider or suggest alternatives to that encryption to enhance their data security. The devices, such as Laptops and Personal Computers installed with TrueCrypt encryption are particularly vulnerable to hacking and should, therefore, be protected by other secure encryptions such as VeraCrypt. Organisations and companies should have discussions...

Clinical Application of Explanatory Theory

Contemporary Attachment Theory and Self Psychology Name Institutional Affiliation Contemporary Attachment Theory and Self Psychology Introduction Mellissa is a 28-year-old Hispanic woman. She is currently separated from her husband of two years with Mellissa given full custody of their 6-years-old daughter. Mellissa is currently employed as a waitress at a local bar where she mostly works at night. She grew up in the foster system. She was born to a drug-addicted mother who was not able to provide proper care for her and her younger brother. Mellissa and her brother were placed in foster care when she was four years old. She was separated from her brother as they went to different foster...


Name: Instructor: Course: Date PLANS AS THEY RELATE TO YOUR EDUCATIONAL AND CAREER GOALS Through my education journey, I have always been interested in pursuing marketing and aviation careers. I chose marketing career due to my love for DECA class, which is one of the main classes that prepares one to become leaders and entrepreneurs for the marketing career and education in marketing. Moreover, DECA class have always been interesting since I joined the club and it inspires me every day to be a great entrepreneur. Through these classes, I have learned how to communicate my ideas and thoughts, and how to organize my presentation in relation to a marketing scenario. On the other hand, my...

Same-Sex Marriage #2

Same Sex Marriage Democracy precludes the rights of the citizens in choosing a government. The state and legislators are responsible for the running of the government and implementing of laws within the nation. Same-sex marriages preclude unions between people of the same sex (Conkle 30). Gays and Lesbians are typical examples of same-sex couples in the USA. Previously, citizens regarded homosexual relationships as unstable psychological people. Scientists carried out numerous researches on the matter and realized little information on the state of the couples within same-sex relationships. However, conservative communities such as African Americans and Filipinos vehemently opposed same-sex...