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Womb for Rent

Womb for Rent. Ellen Goodman gives a comprehensive look at the issue of surrogate pregnancy in her book “Womb for Rent”. The author’s main purpose is to introduce her readers to the side effect of surrogate pregnancy which is portrayed as a source of money in the society. The issue of surrogacy as an alternative for parental pregnancy has been criticized as a way of trafficking children, exploiting and selling babies. According to Goodman both commercial and altruistic surrogacy is inappropriate and totally advocate for this form of pregnancy labeling it a way of devaluing the child-to-be and disrespect the relationship between a child and the parents. In Goodman appeal to logos infertility...

Mrs.Mallard’s Marriage

Student’s name Professor’s name Class Date Mrs. Mallard’s Marriage In “Eveline” by James Joyce and “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, we see two confused women. The main characters of these stories, Eveline and Mr. Mallard, are facing severe changes in their lives and they do not know what to feel about those changes. The eponymous hero from “Eveline” is a young girl, who is getting ready to leave the father’s home. Her life seemed to be not so happy: her mother and brother have died, her dad was abusive, and she worked hard to survive; until she met Frank, a sailor, who at first became her friend, then – lover. A better life with her husband-to-be in Buenos Aires...

Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay Name: Institution: Reflective Essay The growth of artificial intelligence has resulted in the creation of items that are threatening to replace some functions of human beings. I was recently going through my social media pages and I stumbled upon a new product that has been invented to replace women in the lives of men. The doll that has been nicknamed “Samantha” is a sex toy that is the size of a normal human being and has being equipped with feelings and emotions that resemble that of an ordinary human being. Men can therefore buy the big doll and use it to satisfy their sexual needs. The doll is being viewed as a replacement for women in sexual relationships. The...

Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis Name: Institutional Affiliation: The strategies use d by the two authors, Reverend Ball and the Sierra Club are different but applicable in many aspects. The reverend uses persuasion techniques from a spiritual perspective, (Ball, 2012). He uses the strategy of invoking a fear of loss in his audience. For example, he quotes some words from the New Testament such as Kairos to achieve a point. The use of the Holy Book from an authoritative position like the reverends’ is convincing to the audience to act quickly. He suggests that if action is not taken fast, dire consequences will results. The reverend says, “Kairos moment has arrived,” for climate change, (Ball, 2012)....

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Womb for Rent Name Institution Womb for Rent The essay “Womb for Rent” by Goodman, E. (2012) outlines the world of surrogate motherhood and its increasing growth worldwide, especially to a population that seeks to evade the “burden” of carrying a child. Ellen defines the reasons why many women opt to participate in surrogacy and dwell mostly on the specific reasons that result in women accepting to host a “foreign” baby. Ellen’s essay highly leans on the reasons as to why a low-income woman would agree to offer her womb as a childbirth “plant”. She gives examples of the need for money and the encouraging policies issued by surrogate-supporting economies (Goodman, 2012). As...

Saving Capitalism Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography on Saving Capitalism Student’s Name Institution Annotated Bibliography on, Saving Capitalism Journals examined Sustainability Journal:2010 Cato Journal:2003 Articles examined New York Times (Online), New York: New York Times Company:2015. The Corporate Board:2017 Public Finance Quarterly:2012 Transition Newsletter:2003 SUM-Centre for Development and Environment:1999 Community Annotated Bibliography:2017 Capital Institute:2015 Capitalists antagonizing capitalism Bottos, K. (2012). Saving Capitalism from Capitalists. Public Finance Quarterly, 1, 140-147. Points out how insiders wield immense powers despite the endeavors of their countries towards passing...

The Diary of Anne Frank

Student’s Name: Professor: Course: Date: Anne’s Transformation from Immaturity to Maturity Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl, to a greater extent, tells the story of a young girl growing up. Anne finds herself in circumstances that are extraordinary given the ongoing Second World War and the fact that she is a Jewish. She has to struggle with the different adolescence problems in face of the extraordinary circumstances. Some of the adolescence problems she struggles with include rebellion, isolation, curiosity with regards to adulthood, isolation and curiosity about sex. Over time, she grows both physically and emotionally, and her thinking becomes mature as evidenced by her...

child’s health and veteran homelessness

Child’s health and Veteran Homelessness Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Child’s health and Veteran Homelessness Children’s health is essential for their development, school readiness, and wellness. As a parent, one must consider promoting their child’s health through broadening positive influence on child’s physical activities. Also, by managing proper eating lifestyle and promoting policies that enhance positive and healthy living both at home and in school (Pediatrics 2013). Schools are a part of a child’s life and their involvement in ensuring positive health is essential. As such, schools must ensure they provided mandatory physical education since inactivity is the...

Composition 12

Saving Capitalism Name Institution Saving Capitalism Every research always involves different stages for example annotation. Annotation is referred to an explanation of a particular text or diagram that contains information. Most of the information is still sourced from books and articles that are used to complete researches or essays. This paper thus seeks to discuss the process and the experience of annotation of three articles which are to be used to address a topic on “saving capitalism” by elaborating the thoughts of the process, the important sources and to determine the causes that oppose or agree with the topic. First, I had many thoughts in the process of reading, note-taking,...