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Adidas Bold Product Promotion.Executive Summary.Adidas is arguably biggest brands in sporting goods all over the world. Their sports brand is established on a genuine love of both sports and lifestyle. The organization’s attention is targeted on the sport’s shoes consumers. Consequently, the company develops the quality, image, feel and look for the organization’s products and structures to assimilate and achieve the consumer’s expectations to provide them with an excellent value. The organization is unique in its innovations and leaders in designs that is aimed at assisting athletes of all types of levels and skills; these athletes attain top level performance with Adidas products. Since the company is committed to strengthening their brands and products in the competitive sporting goods market, they have rolled out Adidas Bold shoes. This product is created for both men and women athletes. They can be used for training in any sport. This paper presents a detailed product promotion strategy designed to promote Adidas Bold.
Statement of Need.
Since Adidas Bold is a new product in the market, there is an apparent need for product promotion if the product is going to sell. The product promotion strategy is essential in creating product awareness, market development, and market penetration. Athletes need to be aware of aspects such as the price, technology and use of the new product. Consequently, it is vital for Adidas to create pro…

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