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police profession

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police profession

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Use of Less Lethal Force by Police.
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Use of deadly force by the police is justified by the conditions and the circumstances facing the office. Their priority, however, is saving live. Meeting this goal by utilizing less lethal weapons was by law stated in the mid-19th century and strengthened by the US Supreme Court in 1985 that made the less lethal weapons more popular with the law enforcement officers. Definition of the excessive force lacks a clear cut-line that demarcates the boundaries for excessive force from the agreed-upon force. Use of excessive force by the law enforcement officers is permissible under the circumstances of self-defense, defending a colleague or another individual or group (May 2014).
The duty of the police is to protect everybody from harm. Failure to prevent the public from causing death to an individual under the circumstances becomes the liability of the police. Deaths resulting from Excited Delirium are blamed on the police officers since the affected die under the custody of the officers. Despite the training by the officers on when to use force and to what extent, no single situation is a direct replica of another, and neither is an officer similar to another. Time becomes an important factor in determining the amount of force used. Law requires officers to use as far as possible less lethal means and weapons to gain control of the situation under a circumstance.
With the recent technology, evaluatio…

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