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Parkinson disease

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Parkinson disease

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Politics

Level: PhD

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According to Londos et al. (2013), 83% percent of the patients suffering from dementia and Parkinson are going to experience at least an event of dysphagia or difficulties to swallow correctly. As a result of the degeneration the disease causes, the patients’ swallowing capacities diminishes, which could cause aspiration pneumonia, leading to death in a large amount of the cases where it occurs. (Robbins et al., 2008). Therefore, given the adverse findings related to long-term artificial feeding methods in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease call from a manual method that avoid the principal element of mortality among the patients, as a way to improve their well-being and reduce the incidents related to aspiration.
Moreover, this review centers in research related to the topic of swallowing disorders in older patients in acute settings, as well as observational studies on the swallowing functions of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Hence, the literature chosen intends to give a broad perspective related to the subject in hand, as well as provide a guide to observing changes in the patients that might imply that changes in the way their food is administered could improve their well-being. For this reason. The chin-tuck method appeared as the method that could achieve the greater amount of success in patients over 70 years, regardless their level of dementia (Logemann et all, 2008). Nevertheless, Logemann’s investigation indicates a good starting point from which the …

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