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Nursing test

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Nursing test

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: College

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Words: 275

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Learning about my strength and weaknesses through the ATI self-assessment is a valuable breakthrough in allowing me to prioritize my efforts on improving specific areas that are critical for both my personal and professional life. During the test, I realized that most of the outcomes fall between the range of six to nine in the Likert scale. Stress and coping recorded the least amongst all. It instilled shock since I have been thinking about myself as a person who can deal with the stressful condition suitably. However, the realization opens the window for improvement over time. Bearing in mind that one of my primary strength is being openminded, I believe that overcoming my weakness will not prove to be a difficult task and that if I dedicate my efforts toward the changes, I will soon have most of the attributes above the current average which is an approximate mean of seven.
What are your primary and secondary communication styles?
My two main primary communication styles are collaborators and contributor while my secondary communication style is consenter. At few occasions, however, I portray some attributes of an aggressor.
Were you surprised by the results and why?
No. most of the results came out as I had expected. However, some few attributes came against my expectations: I believed my leadership and my time management skills go hand in hand with my innovative skills. That was a surprise.
Do you agree w…

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