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narrative essay on an imagined meeting with Darth Vader

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Narrative Essay on an Imagined Meeting with Darth Vader
Thesis. Darth Vader was one of the pivotal pillars of the Jedi who was seen as a savior of many characters in his literary works.
Events on meeting with Darth Vader
Interesting questions answered by Darth Vader and his role in his literary works
His concluding remarks on his role in the galaxy

Narrative Essay on an Imagined Meeting with Darth Vader
Meeting with Darth Vader as famously known from the star wars universe was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I could not wait to meet him in the lounge and know more about his past and future desires. Vader is character who is fictitious in the Star Wars universe. He is known to be a pivotal figure in the first trilogy and a central one in the prequel trilogy.
During the meeting, he informs me that his characteristic nature was created by his manager by the name Lucas George and has been represented by many other actors. He confirms that he is a central character in the television series by the name Expanded Universe, and he has his appearance in all the six stars films. He is also a major player in many comic books, novels and video games.
In the middle of our conversation, I became interested and wanted to know his role in the star wars universe, and the events that took place in the films. He informs me that through his role he was supposed to bring peace and assurance to al…

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