Book Review

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Book Review
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Critical summary of Alfred Lessing’s ‘What is Wrong with a Forgery?’ and Denis Dutton’s ‘Artistic Crimes’

Artistic Crimes and the Ills of Forgery The originality of an art is always important, it ensures that art lovers are not defrauded and given forged artwork. The artwork is relatively expensive; an individual is therefore required to determine whether a piece of art is indeed authentic or forged. In this argumentative essay, different aspects relating forgery of art as well as criminal cases of forgery is vastly described. The essay considers different cases to which individuals have been caught in the act of forging art or handling forged artwork. The case study book is a good descriptive research article on the ways to which an artist is required to uphold professional ethics that will enable this...

Ethics, Lying, and Moral

Case Analysis In this essay, we aim to analyze four cases and give an insight into the moral approach for each of the presented situations. To keep this piece short, we will not write each case’s situation. Instead, we will refer to them by their numbers. CASE ANALYSIS #11. Concerning this case, we can see two clashing moral positions. For instance, in a Kantian perspective, if both parts of the contract agreed upon a set of rules. Those rules ought to be respected. In that way, if the foster parents decided to take the child’s custody, they knew their biological parents might want to regain her daughter one day. In that case, the law is clear and should be respected. Now, we have a...

Letter of Recommendation Associate Professor

Letter of Recommendation Associate Professor I am writing this letter as a recommendation for Mr. Le who through writing approached me to serve as a reference on his behalf. Personally, I have known Mr. Le since the time he was working as a lecturer in the Faculty of International Communication and Cultural Diplomacy. During that period, Mr. Le served as my assistant, handling some of my classes whenever there was a need. Among the lessons that he handled on my behalf over the two years we worked together include; Translation in Cultural Issues in the year 2014 and Issues of Cultural Diplomacy the following year. He handled his duties and responsibilities to the best of my satisfaction as well as...

The difference between basketball and football

The Difference Between Football And Basketball Sports have been played all over the world for thousands of years. There are many different kinds of sports, some of them are popular, and some of them are not. For example, Football and Basketball are two of the famous games in U.S. American citizens have continued to watch either football or basketball, and they care a lot about them., and you cannot expect what crazy things they can do for their teams, for instance, painting their body and making a huge flag. According to Harris Interactive Poll, “Football is the most popular sport in the United States, with Basketball checking in at third” (Poll), and both of them depends on sports ethics. The...

The field of Minimal Access Surgery or Laparoscopic

The field of Minimal Access Surgery or Laparoscopic surgery has always fascinated me, during my period of medical education. Such pitfalls associated with traditional surgery is a concern for patients. The patients undergoing traditional surgery experience increased postoperative pain and are at the risk of post-operative infections. Further, these patients remain confined and do not become ambulatory. This situation leads to various medical complications. One such complication is Deep Vein Thrombosis, and such an incident happened to my father who underwent cholecystectomy. From that very incidence, I was attracted to the field of Minimal Access Surgery owing to its potential benefits of causing...

literary review of 4 article for PICO

Pic0: Does The Use of Alternative Therapies Reduce The Need and Use of Narcotics in The Elderly. Your name Institution Date (optional). Abstract The model of evidence based medicine requires physicians to formulate clinical questions base on the PICO analysis which stands for population, intervention, comparison as well as outcome .Together, these elements make up a PICO frame. This framework is developed to speed up the formulation process of clinical queries. Although PICO framework capabilities to represent the information required by physicians at the time has not been represented empirically, it presents a standard framework that can be utilized for evaluation of a clinical practice...


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Why I choose Nursing? Most people both children and adults always have a dream career to achieve in life; this job mostly lies in the services sector. Professions range from engineering, teaching, information technicians, surveyors, nursing and in another field. Nursing is a specialized job as it entails service to humanity in special needs in a bid to save their life and taking care of individuals. One will have to handle the sick at all levels even at their critical condition when they can hardly do anything for themselves. Nursing is a challenging course but with real rewards and those who undertake the course are always in high demand both public and private...

Industrialist Nursery Rhyme

Name of Student Name of Supervisor Subject Code Date Industrialist Nursery Rhyme The usefulness of oil cannot be ignored in any way, and that has led to the oil companies vying with each other at every step to reach the topmost position in the oil world. Most often, standard oil is compared to a huge octopus that symbolizes suppression and finally destruction. In the modern world, the situation seems to be the same. On the one hand, the earth is losing all fertility and is on the verge of destruction, on the other hand, industrialists especially the oil companies are trying to overpower the smaller companies that had supplied oil so long to the entire world. The world has become an arena where...


Student Name Subject Instructor’s name Date The Cask of Amontillado PART ONE: GRAPHIC ORGANIZER Beginning Middle End Montresor and Fortunato have been friends for a long time. They share a common love of wine. They decide to set up a wine business together. While making preparations and during set up, Fortunato makes Montresor do the hard work. Montresor dislikes it, but doesn’t say anything for long. They open the business. At the inauguration, people applaud Montresor’s hard work, but Fortunato boasts of how it was his superior knowledge that helped set up the business. He then makes a comment about Montresor’s ‘new money’. Montresor is furious with...