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Narcissus & Narcissism in The Picture of Dorian Gray

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Narcissus was a hunter from known for his beauty son of the river god Liriope and nymph Cephissus. He is proud and noticed by many; he fell in love saw his reflection that later resulted in his drowning hence the originality of the term narcissism derived from his self-fixation of his body.
There are various themes. One of these is in the exceptionally focal of the novel, and that is the attribute of self-esteem, narcissism. The entire theme around Dorian Gray’s physical magnificence, and his liberality of it. There are various references and insights of narcissism, frequently contrasting Dorian with Narcissus himself, or Dorian’s narrow-minded conduct that now and again are traditional for the mental state of extreme narcissism. The Picture of Dorian Gray recounts a story, which now and again looks to some extent like old stories of narcissistic conduct, and Oscar Wilde deliberately depicts its distinctive viewpoints all through the novel.
In the book Adonis with huntsman’s shroud, Basil proceeds with and says that Dorian, in his canvases, had “leaned over the still pool of some Greek forest, and found the water’s noiseless silver the wonder of your face” (129). This actual relationship in the middle of Dorian and Narcissus makes the topic of narcissism prominently evident. While these focuses are genuinely shallow, the recent piece of the novel takes a turn towards the more evil and mental side of narcissism. This proceeded with the liberality of Dorian Gray’s character The contamination of his spirit does not bother him; he develops more captivated with his special magnificence, more inspired by the debasement of his mind. He encompasses himself with good things like gemstones, scents, and garments.
It is hideous how a man ends up dead over n obsession of his self-admittance of the body. It is rather disappointing to seal fate under an illusion of beauty and perfection. The principle plot was assembled around the narcissistic subject, and the topic has two viewpoints which Oscar Wilde unequivocally manages. These are the shallow, easygoing narcissism and profound spiritual narcissism. He utilizes these attributes to investigate completely Dorian Gray’s being and demonstrate to it to us in separate phases of real rot
Work cited
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