Problem Solution Essay

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Problem Solution Essay
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function of philosophy at John Dewey

Name Instructor Course Date Function Of Philosophy at John Dewey John Dewey lived between 1859–1952, during the civil war and the cold war, a time of remarkable social, monetary, demographic, political, and innovative change. Amid his time, the US transformed from a provincial to an urban culture, from an agrarian to a modern economy, from a territorial to a politically influential nation. It liberated its slaves, however subjected them to white amusingness. It retained a huge number of settlers from Europe and Asia, however confronted tweaking clashes in the middle of capital and work as they were incorporated into the modern urban economy. It allowed the feminine gender to vote, however...

online socializing a new agent of socialization

Name Lecturer Course Date Online Socializing a New Agent of Socialization Q1 The main conclusion drawn from the article is that online platform has become a significant socialization agent in the society. As clearly explained by the author, the persistent inventions and innovations in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) have greatly transformed socialization. It has given people an opportunity to use the internet to interact freely with one another thus, sending messages, sharing ideas and exchanging information. Q2 The data presented in the article are quite comprehensive and detailed. They are clearly illustrated for easier understanding by the readers. In these data, the...

Observation and Analysis of Local Business

J & J Restaurant Name: Institution: J & J Restaurant The J & J Restaurant is an operating company, serving customers with tasty and mouthwatering meals, and located on a 10 acre land on Farm Road, Johannesburg. The business operates from 6 am to 11 pm, from Monday to Saturday. The business is usually closed down on Sundays to give workers an off. It takes advantage of the workers of a nearby textile manufacturing industry, who finish their work by around 7 pm. Its customer base is relatively large, with an established an exquisite reputation for quality vegetable meals. The business is located in a high traffic area. Specializing in fast cold or hot salad and sandwiches...

Compare and contrast book made into movie

Your name Professor’s name Course number Date of submission Compare and Contrast a Book made into a Movie In 2012, John Green published "The Fault in Our Stars". It is a Young Adult (YA) book apropos of genre classification. As a matter of fact, the title emanates from a scene between Cassius and Brutus in "Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare. Cassius says to Brutus, "The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars."John Green in this heart-wrenching novel, which is his sixth, aims for the softest part of the reader's heart and does little to spare tear ducts. Directed by Josh Boone, "The Fault in Our Stars" film was released in 2014. It is classified as a romantic film with dramatic instances. The...

Narcissus & Narcissism in The Picture of Dorian Gray

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Number Date Introduction Narcissus was a hunter from known for his beauty son of the river god Liriope and nymph Cephissus. He is proud and noticed by many; he fell in love saw his reflection that later resulted in his drowning hence the originality of the term narcissism derived from his self-fixation of his body. There are various themes. One of these is in the exceptionally focal of the novel, and that is the attribute of self-esteem, narcissism. The entire theme around Dorian Gray's physical magnificence, and his liberality of it. There are various references and insights of narcissism, frequently contrasting Dorian with Narcissus himself, or...

Globalization process

Globalization is the process in which countries come together for reasons touching on economics, politics, and social matters. At the post World War Two, the second half of the twenty-first century saw globalization in the form of a tussle between two powerful blocs notably the western and the eastern bloc (Findlay et al. 2). In the Western bloc was the United States of America while at the eastern bloc was the Soviet Union. The basic struggle was the superiority race between the two world powers as the western bloc wanted the world economic order of capitalism while the eastern bloc championed social economy. Even though this tussle ended in 1991 as will be seen later, the world today is engaging in...

How can we critically account for the rise of branding in recent years? What are its causes and consequences? Use at least three examples to illustrate your argument.

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Rise of branding The term brand and branding are marketing technologies that are understood to stand for distinct marketing practices that are intended to link products and services with cultures that resonate with them via the use of images and narratives.Branding has been around for many years. Traditionally, the branding activities took a direct approach as consumer tastes were disciplined. In the recent past, branding has taken a different approach, an indirect approach. In the recent past, branding is practiced by installing definite sets of relations between the consumers and the products and services.This branding is achieved through a...

What I’ve learned from my writing skills class.

Name Instructor Subject Date What I've learned from my writing skills class For a long time, I thought that writing is something that came naturally, and there were no guidelines on how to be a god writer. That was until I heard a writing skills class as part of my course. This course covered everything involved in writing, from grammar to how writers write. Going through the outline increased my interest in writing and through the course I discovered that with a few tips and guidelines writing skills can be improved. This paper shares my experience in the writing class. It also includes everything I have learned during the entire course. The first part of this class dealt with the...

Wind energy

Application of Wind Energy to Meet the World's Current and Future Needs Name of Student Institution Affiliation Introduction Wind power technology offers significant merits as compared to other sources of energy or electricity. The energy is extracted from the movement of air by the application of wind turbines. In most cases, the windmills are only used because of the mechanical power that they own. Therefore, this paper shall look into the approach of the large scale shift to the increased use of wind energy in meeting the world's current and future energy needs. The paper shall carry out a consideration after viewing the evidence and arguments of the approach. A recommendation shall be given...