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Commencement Speech.
Hello faculty members, parents, superintendent, guests, and graduates. When I was first informed that I was going to be given this great opportunity to speak at graduation, I was overwhelmed. I was confounded with excitement and pride, as I am sure we all are on this great day. Nonetheless, I was mostly overwhelmed with the idea that I had to speak in front of a multitude of people, a task I had never tackled before. Accordingly, I did what every other student in my situation would do; I approached my friends for advice. The pieces of information that I was given were: Number 1: Do not mess up! Number 2: Be humorous! Obviously, after receiving those pieces of advice, I was well prepared to write a compelling and brilliant speech that will be imprinted on our minds for the rest of our lives until we expire. So, do not be afraid. I am well aware that on such a great day of excitement, what you require of a speaker is brevity, humor and most importantly, that I do not mess up. I will not disappoint you in this respect.
When we arrived at this institution, every single thing was new to us, and we strolled around looking at every part of the school in awe. Now, as we are about to leave, we were rewarded with the chance to view the institution from a high rise building in the school. We looked down on every part of the school in nostalgia, from our class to the library that we were well familiar with due to the count…

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