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Surname: Instructor: Course: Date: Commencement Speech. Hello faculty members, parents, superintendent, guests, and graduates. When I was first informed that I was going to be given this great opportunity to speak at graduation, I was overwhelmed. I was confounded with excitement and pride, as I am sure we all are on this great day. Nonetheless, I was mostly overwhelmed with the idea that I had to speak in front of a multitude of people, a task I had never tackled before. Accordingly, I did what every other student in my situation would do; I approached my friends for advice. The pieces of information that I was given were: Number 1: Do not mess up! Number 2: Be humorous! Obviously, after...

Hollywood in UAE

Hollywood in UAE Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date of Submission Abstract A quarter century, there were scarcely any motion picture theaters in the United Arab Emirates, other than a modest bunch of summary theaters indicating Bollywood movies for the Indian male populace. Today, there are bleeding edge multiplex theaters playing to stuffed gatherings of people. Tragically, there are for all intents and purposes no UAE movies taking up that screen time. Be that as it may, a tremendous uncommon venture is being made into the film business by a quickly extending number of government and private film creation organizations, for example, the $1 billion-financed Imagination. Exactly...

people should use internet after the age 18

Why People Should Use the Internet after the Age of 18 Name Institution Introduction The debate about the appropriate age that one must attain to qualify as an internet user has been eliciting mixed reactions over the years. The debate is attributable to the increasing number of young people who use Internet-enabled platforms such as Facebook, Twitter among others sites. To date a compromise has not been attained on whether the use of internet networking sites should start at the age of 18 among young individuals or not. This paper gives key reasons and arguments why the use of internet among teenagers should start after the age of 18 years. Why people should use the internet after the age...

Global Supply Chain Metrics

Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Name: Date: Global Supply Chain Metrics There is a need for an organization to get to know the relationships existing between its marketing metrics and profitability. However, many of the business have never taken this factor with the importance it requires but t plays a very crucial role. Firms are always facing a continuous increase in pressure in the justification of their marketing costs. It is, therefore, important for the company to integrate its existing knowledge concerning the impact of its customer’s metrics about the company's financial performance. The company is therefore supposed to investigate about its perpetual customer metrics...

Formal Letter

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Admission Essay: Exemption from English Tests I trust that the experience and skills I have in both written and spoken English prove my proficiency in the language. I undertook several courses at Central Queensland University in Australia that provide evidence of my excellent mastery of the English Language. I was awarded a certificate in both written and spoken English on 18th December, 2014 by the Central Queensland University. During this period in Central Queensland University, I got an in-depth exposure to the English language through courses undertaken. I have skills on how to conduct presentations, participate in discussions, compose narrative texts, and the...

Effectiveness of manual palpation of uterine activity

Brief review Maternal pelvis, the contractility of the uterus, and factors related to the fetus that lead to a failure in the progress of labor. Protracted labor is most of the time as a result of inefficient uterine contraction that can be managed pharmacologically. The estimation of the adequacy of the uterine power in preparation for labor is very vital, which can be achieved by conducting an evaluation of uterine contractions. The evaluation can be done traditionally by palpating for uterine contractions by an expert observer also by the use of medical technologies; it can be achieved by the application of the intrauterine pressure catheter. The research paper aimed to ascertain between the...

My Career in Business and Financial Services

Name Tutor Course Date My Career in Business and Financial Services The financial services deal with the products and services that are provided to the consumers and other businesses by various financial institutions such as the banks, brokerage firms, and other investment companies. Several enterprises offer the services, and the management plays a greater role in ensuring its success. Moreover, they ensure the customers are satisfied with what they get to enable to create a good public image. The money transfer, saving and checking accounts and the leasing services are among the facilities provided by the financial institutions. The discussion outlines about my career in business and the financial...