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Middle ages: shedding light on the dark ages

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Middle ages: shedding light on the dark ages

Category: Analytical Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: College

Pages: 3

Words: 1650

Reflections on civilization in medieval periods
Reflections on the dark ages
King Charlemagne, Justinian, and Theodora have one thing in common, and that is that they were all Romans living under Catholic values bestowed by the Catholic Church. All the achievements and contribution towards improving the conditions and helping to lay the seeds for modern civilization contributed by the two kings who are still viewed as Catholic Church contributions. The Catholic Church emerges a luminary that improves conditions for modern civilization through the achievement of various innovations. The contributions of the Catholic Church in the civilization of humankind, and the contribution of Justinian 1 with wife Theodore as well as that of King Charlemagne as far as social enlightenment is concerned form the basis of discussion in this paper.
On the trails of the King’s Contributions
King Charles the Great was instrumental in making western Europe a united front, thus creating Germany and France. During the time, he was in authority, King Charles. Also King Charlemagne, worked hard, albeit without the pope’s support, in ensuring that Western Europe remained united for the long run. His efforts in the bid to unite Western Europe after the fall of Roman Empire, lead to the Carolingian Renaissance, when intellectualism and inclusive cultural practices became the foundation of the church. He is a great luminary because, without him, a u…

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