Analytical Essay

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Analytical Essay
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Humanity in the Face of Primal Instincts

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Details Date Humanity in the Face of Primal Instincts Human beings tend to exhibit primal traits that they deem desirable in the circles they find themselves. Hate, love, passion are among the primal characteristics that humans, notwithstanding the nature of the occurrence, exhibit depending on who is within their company. In ‘’The Dead” by Michael Swanwick, the greed of human nature comes to light; the rich ‘zombify’ the dead so that they can serve them in their various quests to maintain the economic status quo (Swanwick). The nature of humanity extends beyond the living state. In “Dust Excerpt” by Joan Frances Turner, the undead...


Sociology Name Institution A Reflection Paper One of the major books used as a reference material during this course is Sociology: Pop Culture to Social Structure. This book was written by John Lie and Robert Brym and published by Wadsworth Publishing in 2012. Here, Lie and Brym provides adequate analysis of sociology as a subject. A part fro highlighting on the origin of sociology, the writers go ahead to explore sociological issues like culture, socialization, religion, gender, globalization race, ethnicity, families and sexuality. Actually, these are important aspects of the society that give meaning to and fulfill human life. From all these chapters, I managed to learn a lot about how...

Definition and Use of Temperament

Definition and Use of Temperament Every sane person has a unique way in which he or she behaves, thinks and responds to issues that they encounter on daily basis. The ability of a person to voluntarily, or involuntarily have a specific character, thinking, behaviour or actions make up the person's temperament. In this regard, some people's temperament portrays a happy person, jovial and ever smiling. On the contrary, some people have a negative attitude in almost all the aspects of life; they are aggressive, unhappy, ungrateful and ready to wage war even on the slightest provocation. Peoples' temperaments are always naturally acquired, and it may be hard to artificially modify. This paper looks into...


Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER (ADHD) Introduction ADHD is a disorder involving the nervous system that creates challenges in information processing to those affected by it which is very common during childhood and that at times continue to adulthood. The adult version differs a little from the childhood version, and not all children who had ADHD in their childhood will have this adult version. ( Symptoms of the disorder include difficulty in behavior control, hyperactivity, many difficulties in focusing and paying attention and forgetfulness. In adults, symptoms may include low-stress tolerance, continuous...

Social Responcibility

Social responsibility Student’s name Institutions name Introduction Over the years, Business Corporation have held the core goal of financial responsibility of making profits and raising the value of shareholders. Recently the idea of social responsibility have been introduced. In this responsibility, business organizations are expected to show concern for its employee’s welfare, environment and community around then. In this context, the corporations are expected to give back to the society along their focus on making profits. In social responsibilities, business organizations are expected to set and uphold working ethics (Drumwright, 1994). Corporations that consider social...

Сross cultural interview

Cross-Cultural Interview 1) Where is the interviewee from and what is her cultural background? The subject is a Palestinian-American woman. She was born in Louisiana, in a Palestinian Arabic family. The subject presents an interesting view since she lives a cross-cultural life. The woman seems to live and thrive in both worlds. On one hand, the she was born in the country makes her as American as anyone else, but her cultural background marks a series of significant differences that make her an interesting subject. Like me, she is part of both cultures and tries to take part of her home culture's traits and traditions actively as a way of upholding and remembering her background. 2) What has the...


Case study Bankruptcy Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy law is not the appropriate for Mr. Devon. If Mr. Devon files a petition based on chapter 7 of bankruptcy he will fail, the bankruptcy mean test (Foote, Gerardi. & Willen 2008). He will fail the bankruptcy petition on the two bases of his type of his debts. He has two categories of debts that are not dischargeable in a chapter 7 case. Mr. Devon’s petition will fail means test on the basis that he has debts not dischargeable by the chapter 7 of bankruptcy. Domestic support debts and other divorce-related obligations; including property settlement debts (Porter, 2008). Debtors for most educational benefits and student loans not dischargeable unless...

Personal Point of view on the documentary “Wasteland”

Name Instructor Course Date Wasteland Wasteland is all about making an unproductive land useful. Finding beauty out of what is deemed ugly. It is all about finding light out of the dark land. Darkness in this context is supposed to mean negativity as light stands for salvaging what could have been unproductive and making good use of it. It is worth noting that any wasteland recycled into the productive land is a show of gratitude. Making such changes could also involve transforming people to embrace different aspects of life as it were. The documentary "Wasteland" is, therefore, a life transforming film directed by Lucy Walker. Lucy features the journey of Muniz Vik, who is an artist, from Brooklyn...

Comparison between female rulers

Comparison between Female Rules Student’s Full Name College’s Name Introduction In this essay, we shall compare two different female rulers, and provide a thorough assessment on both. However, to avoid anachronisms we shall pick rulers who are in the same historical time. That way, we can lay a common ground to develop each character, and compare them in the fairest light possible, to avoid misconceptions related to the historical differences the two rulers might have. Besides, to give a complete picture possible, we shall expand, and provide a historical background on both rulers in order to achieve a greater understanding on their lives. After careful deliberation, we decided to...