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Mid Term Essay
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Macbeth remains relevant in the modern times despite being written a long time ago. The power to control the country with its people gives one great confidence. In the contemporary world, people are doing anything that might make them rise to power and lead others. From the play, greediness prevails facilitated by the character’s need of fulfilling their ambitions. In the current world, aspirations have made people desire to achieve great things without going through the right process. During the time of the play, Macbeth developed great motivation after emerging a hero in the war (Shakespeare, 1877). That made him receive praises and be recognized even by the king. Despite that, he believed and followed the advice of his wives and the witches who were very misleading. That resulted in his tragic demise from his aspirations of getting into power through the wrong process.
Macbeth did not have the lust of rising into power, but his wife forced him into it. In the modern world, people are following other people’s advice instead of following what one loves doing which later leads to the tragic falling. The play illustrates the wrongs that are going on all around the world where people sacrifice others so that they can get to a particular position of power or obtain something that will only benefit themselves (Shakespeare, 1877). The theme of lies has become a common thing among people. Believing in unapproved fact…

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