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Memorial against Non English Immigration

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Memorial against Non English Immigration

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Question: Memorial against Non-English Immigration (1727)
Rachel Moloshok described the historical perspectives of Pennsylvania. The author explained that numerous English colonists expressed their disquiets over the rising number of settlers in Pennsylvania from various European nations. The immigrants were going to the region and were acquiring land. For instance, “people from Holland arrived in the Pennsylvania Province and acquired lands at a lower cost near the Susquehanna River” (Foner 58). Subsequently, they “requested many of their friends and relatives in the area”. Moreover, the immigrants were alleged to possess arms and had extensive war experience (Foner 58). The writer also suggested that more immigrants would be arriving to Pennsylvania in huge numbers. Another issue was religion, because most of the immigrants were associated with Papist (Catholic Church), but English settlers were not (Foner 58). Similarly, there was fear that these people would not be interested in Naturalization or assimilation into bigger cultures that were already in existence. Furthermore, the early English settlers had another concern because they thought these people would back the French in Canada in case a conflict emerged. Meanwhile, the author noted that the English settlers were upset because the immigrants were not paying the required taxes that the colonies needed (Foner 58).
Therefore, the English settlers recommended that the E…

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