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Maudlin Moments

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Maudlin Moments
TO: The staff, Maudlin Moments
FROM: Steph Meier, CEO
DATE: 14th December 2015
The purpose of this Memo is to inform the esteemed workers in this company about several changes in the operation of the company’s daily routine. As you are aware, here in North America, we are new to the design and decorating industry. We had a slow start but that does not mean that we cannot pick up the pace and be ahead of our major competitor. Schmaltzman & Sons Company.
It has come to our attention that the cards and images produced by our company are of poor and undesirable quality. There has been a lot of lazing around and relaxed atmosphere where the staff members of this company are not serious in undertaking their obligations. The writers are writing at their own pace while the artists are not very keen with their work. The team of management has tried an informal method of interaction with the rest of the staff members but it seems that all their efforts have been in vain. Generally, the direction at which this company is heading is not the correct way. We need to do something before it becomes too late.
Due to the issues addressed above, I have sought to come up with strategies as remedies to the problems. The strategies will be as follows.
To set new working hours for the staff and management
Replace the old furniture with new ones
Mandatory sensitivity training to …

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