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Marketing Plan Critique

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Marketing Plan Critique

Category: Business Plan

Subcategory: Marketing

Level: College

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Marketing Plan Critique: McDonald’s
McDonald’s and its slogan “I’m loving it”, has turned into one of the most known fast food chains in the world. In this essay, we aim to shed light on the company’s marketing plan, to do a critique on the points we consider they could improve. However, given the fact that we are assessing a company as large as the fast food giant is, we will only address to certain parts of the plan, such as: S.W.O.T. analysis; the four marketing p’s.
Strengths. The main strength of McDonald’s lies in the fact that the restaurant exists in almost every country in the world, and that it is a well-known brand (McDonald’s 3). However, this situation makes the company susceptible to bad press, or marketing flaws. For instance, if something happens in a restaurant in any part of the world, the rumor can spread an affect the company worldwide.
Weaknesses. McDonald’s position as one of the leaders of the fast food market has forced the company to keep innovating year after year. However, the innovations of menu, and even the addition of new features to the restaurants cannot stop the decay if a new and better solution arrives
Opportunities.The customers that go to McDonald’s often go because of the family environment found in the restaurant. Nevertheless, since most employees are teenagers, they do not know, nor care about t…

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