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Management Overview

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Management Overview

Category: Case Study

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Level: College

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Management Overview
Student’s Name:
How would you define leadership?
Leadership has got a larger definition, and we all view it in different and unique perspective, but in our health organization as a manager, I view it as the act of guiding, control and showing the direction to my fellow colleagues at work and guiding them to achieve the health organizational goals and their person goals and aims. We as leaders assistance ourselves and other people to do the correct thing and achieve results. We usual give directions, shape a motivating vision and come up with new achievable ideas. Leadership is all about planning out anywhere or anything we need to do for us to win as an organization or a team and when we win it becomes dynamic, inspiring and exciting (Wong, W., 1986). As we leaders fix or choose the direction to follow, we need also to use management abilities to monitor our people and walk with them to the correct target in the smooth and most efficient way.
How do you show leadership in this healthcare institution?
I often have to be myself and lead from the anterior.  To spring your recent illustration, in my present role, I started the project and proposal of a new system to help our staff work easier and record keeping more appropriate.  The system was encountered with sizable resistance from the workers of the ancient system who fairly simply were contented with the existing state of affairs and didn’t understand the need for transformation. Truth be told the timeworn system did an exclusively satisfactory job; I recognized a multiplicity of feebleness and inadequacies and was persuaded we could make a new, different system that would be more effective, ensuring in substantial savings (In Konrad., 1996). I argued my proposed alterations with current users and succeeded to bring them on board and accept my way of thoughtful, highlighting that any distraction would be temporary and that lasting advantages would be more than substantiate the project.  Eventually, not simply did I succeed to convince them to accept my vision and idea but also got all of them to be greatly involved in the course, given that a lot of valued and relevant feedback and ideas were also contributed by some.
What precise strategies do you use to lead your team?
Delegation is one of my best priorities for me, as much skilled I might think I am I cannot achieve as much as I would want working alone. With a strong and skilled team besides me, I achieve a lot more hence making delegation so effective and satisfactory. Successful and fruitful delegation begin with matching and dividing individuals and tasks I always explain the roles of the different teams, goals and what they need to do so achieve their goals. A decent approach to achieving this is always to organize your team charter that sets the resolution of the group and how it works (Wong, W., 1986). . Not merely does it assist you and the rest but also gets your group fresh to a pronounced beginning, it can and will also be valuable for getting the group vertebral on the path if it’s swinging off track. Communicating is a very strategic way of leading and getting to know the team member, their skills, weakness and strong character. As a healthcare manager, I chair lots of meetings on regular basis, there been so many kinds of meetings, people tend to get bored when been addressed on a daily occasion some view it as wastage of their precious time, therefore as a manager it’s advisable to master the skill of consecutively chairing effective meetings. Most of the meetings are just brainstorming meets where I remind people on what they are expected to do on a particular day and the goals and targets of the day and how to help people who frequent come over to the healthcare. To have a successive brainstorming session, I make sure I understand what we do wrong and how we can minimize or avoid the wrongs. To mention but a few active listening is one of the strategies I use and also communicate with people outside my team to find out what their expectations are for the health care. An active listener always has an advantage since it helps to detect the problem earlier (In Konrad, E., In Erickson, R., Babic, L. J., & American Management Association., 1966). As a manager, my work is protected my team from unfair and unreasonable pressure within and outside the healthcare, with time have learned skills as win negotiations and assertiveness hence making me gain an advantage in negotiating table that’s additional resources and either to turn labor efforts away.
What is the vital attribute of an effective leader?
The greatest organization examine a leader by looking for somebody to initiate change reasonably than uphold status quo, suggestive of the present strategies aren’t convention to the organization goals. A leader is frequently tasked with studying the organization aims and offering the greatest strategies like bony thinking to attain them. In the end, defining an organization task and visualization needs an organization in the direction of change and functions. To effectively manage a health care as a manager you need to be competent and smart to make the tough decisions, you should have the ability to communicate and develop a vision, hold and accept people to be accountable, create beliefs of constant improvements, monitoring and foster knowledge in the healthcare beginning from ourselves.
How would you define motivation?
Motivation can be defined as the overall willingness or desire of somebody to do to some degree that makes him or her comfortable, but in management, it can be defined as techniques in which us the managers encourage productivity to our employees.
How do you motivate employees in the healthcare?
I motivate them by recognition and appreciating their efforts and willingness to perform their duties. Well-run healthcare is operated by individuals who are cautious of whatever they are doing and recognize that their determinations make the difference in the operational and effective functioning of healthcare. Making them know that their efforts and work is appreciated and seen by colleagues and moreover by organization staff and patients. To create this equal level of alertness, we as healthcare manager toss a positive hope on work being executed and converses this in means that influence and raise their spirits excellence. Effective recognition platforms in healthcare are well calculated and knotted to our organization’s duty and goals. Brilliance standards are enunciated for the whole staff and the chosen, and a selection of the honors are acknowledged in an official way (Hill, N., & Great Britain., 1996). The honors are in the form of a monetary gift, plaque or other awards that are treasured by staffs. Acknowledgment Awards requirement must not be tangible; social gratitude is also a powerful motivator. I as the healthcare manager can introduce other gratitude programs that can be informal and division centered. When staffs can echo their voices to their brilliant and own ideas that constitute outstanding provision and how they want to be acknowledged their intellect of the title is always a motivating force to most of them. Establishing Connections with the staff also motivates them to work hard and love their work. Keeping them informed of the direction of the healthcare and where it’s heading makes them appreciate their work, it’s always important to all staff and members of healthcare to have knowledge of their daily routine and work connected with the rest of workers and staff, how changes been planned will can and will affect all of them and the healthcare in general.
What culture work have you deployed to increase employee motivation and moral?
Money can boost the employees’ moral, but it’s not the main morale booster unless the working conditional is favorable and conducive for the staff and the rest of the workers then their morale will be boosted, and they will be more comfortable working and producing good results (In Konrad., 1996). To improve the employee morale we have built their self-esteem, we believe good results, performance and achievements are the mirror of staff feels and work, a proud healthcare staff job can be reflected from the positive out siding outcome of their output which is most like to be sufficient. Some of the ways to build self-esteem is by sponsoring personnel in gym programs, professional growth classes and pay for them to attend any public functions and speaking, teaching them about financial planning and requesting them to teach each other their personal skills. Be unstinting with praise since everyone needs it but it is not one of the relaxed things to offer. Praise from us managers is a great deal than people may think. Compliment every improvement t I see the team members (Hill, N., & Great Britain., 1996). Once you’re at ease delivering compliment privately to a member of staff I try complimenting them as they are together with their colleagues.  Make my ideas theirs, individuals dislike being voiced what to sort out. As an alternative of requesting individuals what you need to be completed, ask them through a technique that makes them impressed and feel as if the idea was theirs. “I’d like you to do it this way” turns into “Do you think it’s a good idea if we do it this way?” Never correct or criticize anyone wants to overhear they did something incorrect. Always try an unforeseen tactic to get individuals to mend, study from their errors and repair them. Ask, “Was that the best way to approach the problem? Why not? Have any ideas on what you could have done differently?”
I totally support their managerial system and style, they use the most effective styles and these styles of theirs make the healthcare a very comfortable and great place to work. I would have loved if the included the following leadership and motivation technics in the healthcare such as organizing conferences and forums which individuals and staffs can attend and be taught topics that are relevant to positions they hold in the healthcare and upon return they can have a presentation of what they learnt and share with their colleagues hence this will enhance their learning experience. Job aids is another technique; the management can distribute tools such as phone lists, manuals, and decision guidelines these can assist the new staffs and the staffs taking new responsibilities. The management can introduce feedback and relationships that can be done through mentoring, performance appraisal, networking, and coaching.
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