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Visual Survey & Response

Name Instructor Course Date Visual Survey and Response Types of violence that I experience in everyday life; • Physical violence Examples of physical violence that I experienced include beating, pushing, hair-pulling and hitting. • Sexual violence Examples include forced prostitution, exhibitionism, and force someone to kiss you • Spiritual violence Forcing someone to practice another person’s religious, and not allowing others to practice their religious traditions. • Emotional violence Some of the emotional violence that I experienced includes threatening to dump someone, intimidating others, and name calling • Psychological violence Examples include...

Why are you pursuing a career as a nurse?

Name Instructor Course Date Why Are You Pursuing a Career as a Nurse? The dream of becoming a nurse came into my mind when I was seven years old. My father is a doctor and seeing the happiness he had after treating people from my community; it inspired me to be in the nursing field. During holidays, I had to accompany my father to wok just to help nurses with some light duties within the healthcare environment. All the time, I witnessed how nurses were providing care and even encouraging patients on what to do so that they would recover quickly. The personal relationship that existed between the nurses and patient is what made me more interested in this field. Also, my dream was to find a job...

Workplace Law

Workplace Law As per the text, employment at will is a concept that not only give employers the power to discharge a worker due to any reason or without no reason at all, but it also gives them the power to change employment terms except when specific exceptions cover employees. The same case applies to employees as they can also cease from going to their jobs without any reason. Employment at will appears as if it provides employers with free supremacy to terminate employment at their wish, but this is not the case as "wrongful termination" is the main exemption to this kind of employment (Goodman & French, 2011). According to Howe (2013), employees in the US, devoid of a written contract of...

Workplace law 2

Workplace Law As per the writing, the connection between the employer and the employee seems not to exist as most things involving negotiations are done by the union. With that, it is indisputable that the union represents all employees rather than serving them individually. In this era which labor union has evolved, one contract can be used to cover every member of the bargaining force, for instance, a doctor and a nurse in the case of the healthcare sector. According to Collier & Collier (2012), ` a union plays a vital role as far as employment and labor relations are concerned. It impacts member’s compensations, grievances as well as processes and policies. Additionally, the unions not only...

Writers Choice

Article Summary Name of the Student Professor’s Name Article Summary Description of the Article The title of the article that is summarized for critique is “Depression persistence and serotonin transporter genotype in adolescents under usual care conditions.” The article was authored by Kohen R, Myaing M, Richards J, Zhou C, McCauley E, Kayton W, and Richardson, L. The article was published in the J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol on May 2013 (volume number 23, issue 4, pages 290-294). Broad Discipline of the Literature Review The broad discipline that the authors considered for the literature review was on adolescent depression. Kohen et al. (2013) wanted to explore the genetic basis of...

You Decide Healthcare Finance Management

Healthcare Finance Management Name: Institutional affiliation: Abstract Accounts receivable are the money that customers owe to an organization. They are either not able to pay, or the policies allow the customers to stay with money for a period before paying. If one is not ken, they may find themselves operating in deficits. Simply put, any organization that wants to make profits cannot afford to carry out its activities with money being owed by customers. There will be no finances to facilitate other things required by the organization. Hence, it is essentiality to have the customers paying on time. If the AR is too high, a strategy to lower it is useful to change the fortunes of the...

Short Paper: Technology and Data Extraction Techniques

Technology and Data Extraction Techniques Name Institution Affiliation Date Technology and Data Extraction in Healthcare Various technologies are utilized for the Health Information Exchange. The techniques include the Directed exchange, query-based exchange, and the consumer medicated exchange. Directed Exchange The technology provides the healthcare givers with a secure way of sending and receiving information. Some of the data to be shared by the healthcare providers include the laboratory results, summaries of the discharges as well as valuable information regarding healthcare services (Wendel & Edberg, 2015). The transmission involves the transfer across a network through...

Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management 2

Ethical and Legal Concerns in Healthcare Management The submissions in the peer text are absolutely correct. The text uses credible evidence to explore legal and ethical issues necessary in deciding if a patient is mentally competent to make personal medical decisions. Appelbaum (2007) notes that law and ethics require physicians to seek validly informed consent of their patients prior to treatment. Physicians have to disclose all the necessary information to a patient with competency and the ability to make voluntary treatment decisions. Consequently, to know whether a patient has a legally competent ability to make their own treatment choices, it is imperative to assess their mental capacity...

Legal and Ethical issues in Healthcare Management 3

Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management Healthcare field tends to have many regulations and laws that practitioners need to consider while on duty. Some laws even appear to be complex, for instance, the federal law accepts euthanasia as one of the methods used to help people who are suffering from an irreversible coma. But ethically it is wrong to end the life of an individual since God is the one who created us and nature should take control. Confidentiality can be considered to be an ethical and legal issue. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a law which protects patients and how their information can be released (Chen & Benusa, 2017). The law does not...