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letter of intent

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letter of intent

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Words: 550

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Letter of Intent
Evolution in education is a part of life. I am also on the way towards harnessing my true potential and hence, provide my contribution to the society. From the beginning of high school, my core interest is in managing different resources and providing financially viable solutions for current economic conditions. Finance is the backbone of any organization as well as nation. The depth of subject fascinated me and allowed me to develop financial computing and resource allocation skills. In order to get coherent with different advancements, I also have in Suffolk University’s Finance programme at Boston, Massachusetts. The studies have enhanced my views of investment, credit, debit and equities. For the first time, I have started noticing penetration of finance in my daily life.
However, for enhancing my expertise in the management sciences domain, I have been nominated for two internships. My first internship experience was as an ‘Assistant Manager’ at Marcotex. It is one of the most famous textile companies in the United States. It was my first professional exposure and has allowed me to diversify my management skills in understanding supply chains and production lines. The industry has a number of finished goods including fabrics, beddings and towels. I was assigned to assist my line manager in enhancing takt time by different line balancing techniques; mostly, largest candidate rule. …

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