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Three Component Model of memory
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Aristotle considered man as a blank slate and described him as being made up of his experiences which were stored as memory. Infact memory is a process which is a sum total of encoding, storage and retrieval. After decades of research scientists have still been unable to completely understand the mechanism of human memory. Various theories have been put forward to explain how memory works. This paper will deal with the three component model of memory and also touch upon factors affecting memory.
Three Component Model
The three component model was put forward by Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin (1968) and postulated that memory was a sum total of sensory register, short term memory and long term memory.

Figure 1: Schematic representation of three component model.
According to this model memory was stored in separate compartments of short term memory and long term memory, the sensory memory was added later in this model.
Sensory memory
This model considers the sensory memory as the first contact point for any stimulus perceived by sensory organs. Not all information is processed immediately and the sensory memory holds the information for a short period of time as buffer or storage tool and if attention is paid then further processing takes place. An example of sensory memory is the ability to look at an object and remember some details about it. For visual stimuli it is known …

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