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Website Translation is a website translator that allows a user to surf the internet in three different languages. With just a single click that a user selects the page translation, the webpage automatically translates a website into English, Spanish or French, as the user’s specification. With Tranwebs page translator, one is guaranteed an instant access all the online websites that have been written in English, French or Spanish. Tranwebs offers reliable page language translation just as it automatically translates the phrases, words and sentences within different contexts. Moreover, the website a Tranwebs dictionary that a user is able to confirm any words that he or she does not understand. The site has been developed to fulfill the needs for business people and the customers who are familiar with English, Spanish and French. The translator has been developed in a way that it can translate page titles, descriptions, image names and any ALT text that appears on the web page that the user has opened.
The languages used in this site are few but the translation has been done with people of relevant specialism. The Spanish language used on the website is the native Spanish that can be understood clearly by all the Spanish speaking clients. On the other hand, the translator has focused on both the British and American English systems, hence making clients from both sides to read efficiently. As a web translator that is intended to be used mostly by most business entities, the page has used some aspects of e-commerce translations in all the different all the stated languages.
Tranwebs is looking for a full time Video Engineer/Transcoding Specialist, Sales Account Executive, Translators, Customer Service Representative, and a Transcriber based in the United States. Tranwebs works as a website translator that helps its clients in translating their web pages in English, French and Spanish.
This job might be yours if:
You are Honest. Integrity and authenticity is a very important factor to Tranwebs since nothing great can be accomplished without honesty. 
You are a fluent and specialist in two or three of the languages used by the website translator; English, Spanish and French. An added advantage will be given to those who are fluent in native Spanish and French speakers.
You pay attention to details. As far as you are concerned, anything worth doing requires focusing on details. One needs to stay focused and ensure that nothing falls on his or her watch.
You should be good at communicating: One should be able to stand before others and explain any required issue. He or she should be good at communicating in writing and direct conversations.
You should be able to work in a team: One should be ready to work with a team of members that you are assigned to.
You are motivated and self-driven. One should volunteer to work on new challenges without being asked to do so. You should also take ownership of the period you spend with the Company and make a difference. One should be committed to his work and exceed the expectations of the company.
You are ready to take chances: Although chances may lead to failure, a good employee should be ready to take chances since they will more often lead to success and mold confidence while generating new ideas.
For one to qualify for this job, he or she needs to submit his or her resumes with cover letters, and references at the company Headquarters.
“I’m a very satisfied customer today. The interpretation was highly wonderful and it was a pleasure working with you guys. If I ever require an interpretive service once again, I will not have to look anywhere further, I will reach out to you folks, and I will be very happy to recommend your services to my friends.” –John Pires CareGuides
“I deeply appreciate TranWebs staff for making this be done so professionally, not only under the desired time but also in a high quality. –M.D, Magpie Enterprises Inc.
“I was very pleased about the results and how you delivered the paper on a timely manner. I am more than happy to recommend your translator to my colleagues.” Our French customers are so happy about getting such a quality service, but all this is possible because of Tranwebs – Procurement, RelTime Corporation
“I was completely satisfied with the type of work done by Tranwebs translator to produce a translated service manual, as were my fellow employees in the Marketing department. I do not clearly recall how I was led to your translator, but I guess it may have been just a simple Google search, but I can see it gave me the ultimate solution. After going through the recommendations on your website and I judged that it would be nice deal to try. With such a good work, I can see that this was a clear confirmation of my judgment.” –F.T Enterprise Engineering, Inc.
Hi Tranwebs, your Spanish translator is ‘absolutely perfect. From the translation from TranWebs, we had your company translate a marketing piece from English to Spanish our website. I wanted to let you know that we had our first Spanish client see it and after some time searching for errors within the paper, he could not find any. I Just wanted to pass to you my sincere appreciation – L.H, Supplier Support Services, LittleRed.
Hi TranWebs, Thank you so much for a great translation from French to English. There is no other place this would have been made perfect like you do. With this quality and timely work, I can guarantee that your Translator services are the best for an international business entity.

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