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Website Translation
Tranwebs.com is a website translator that allows a user to surf the internet in three different languages. With just a single click that a user selects the page translation, the webpage automatically translates a website into English, Spanish or French, as the user’s specification. With Tranwebs page translator, one is guaranteed an instant access all the online websites that have been written in English, French or Spanish. Tranwebs offers reliable page language translation just as it automatically translates the phrases, words and sentences within different contexts. Moreover, the website a Tranwebs dictionary that a user is able to confirm any words that he or she does not understand. The site has been developed to fulfill the needs for business people and the customers who are familiar with English, Spanish and French. The translator has been developed in a way that it can translate page titles, descriptions, image names and any ALT text that appears on the web page that the user has opened.
The languages used in this site are few but the translation has been done with people of relevant specialism. The Spanish language used on the website is the native Spanish that can be understood clearly by all the Spanish speaking clients. On the other hand, the translator has focused on both the British and American English systems, hence making clients from both sides to read efficiently. As a web translator that is int…

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