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Knowing Your Health Care Facilities and Structures

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Knowing Your Health Care Facilities and Structures

Category: Coursework

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Knowing Your Health Care Facilities and Structures
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Knowing Your Health Care Facilities and Structures
The healthcare industry is diversified and as such entail packages of service. The assignment thus requires thorough research of the available facilities and a better understanding of services in line with facilities in the industry. This task will enable you to explore the different health care structures: private, for-profit, and voluntary.
Part One: Describe Five Facilities:
The health care system of the day has grown in complexity giving patients a broad spectrum when it comes to acquiring care. This always incorporates the option of choosing the kind of health care facility they wish to exploit. Being acquainted with different types of services is essential when trying to decide on the best medical care. The healthcare facilities to be discussed in this paper include Hospital facility, Ambulatory Care facility, Rehabilitation facility, Nursing home, and Long-term care facility (Caspar and McGilton 2017). The paper will describe the institutions mentioned above as well, as well as the services they offer. The article will also explain the personnel who work in the respective facility and their minimum education requirements.
The primary task of the hospital is to deliver short-term care for individuals with severe health complications emanating from …

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