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Is racism Still around

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Is racism Still around

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English 101
16 May 2015
Is Racism Still Around
Racism simply signifies discrimination on the basis of colours, religion, gender, community, region and even field of education or profession. It is mostly grounded on superficial assumption. Race means a human community is having specific culture, language and behavioural pattern. But, racism is a construction by the dominant group in the society. By the mean of racism, people prefer to exhibit their superiority, and it is a curse to the society. From the time of the creation of human, racism came to existence in this world and still is a concerning issue. Due to racism, a fair amount of world population is continuously getting exploited. According to Gibbons (603-4), racism is a fearsome malignant tumour to the society that only kills human morality with cancer. However, many major issues and factors are responsible for the evil practice of racism. Colonialism utilized racism as a lethal weapon to dominate over huge mass by fracturing the analytical faculty of human mind (Ikuenobe 164).
Racism is indeed still going still around, and the only difference is it changes its facade according to time. On today’s date, people more tend to blame the entire community if anyone among them commits any grave crime. For example, after the incident of 9/11 and other consecutive terrorist attacks, Muslims becomes the subject of general suspicion. However, the background of racism is strongly supported by cultural imperialism and hegemony (Grunsell 387-8). Since time immemorial, folklores, fables and myths have seasoned the human conscious with some stock illogical beliefs such as black is always negative, loathsome, uncouth, rock solid, inferior, primitive, uneducated, foolish, slavish, evil and curse to the society. These set concepts cannot be logically explained. In fact, movies, dramas and commercials exploit these sensitive issues for their own profit. Even, the popularity of fairness creams evidences the tyranny of racism.
As mentioned earlier the deep-rooted history of racism is the reason that it is still in existence. Surveys have shown that out of reflexive action, people are more tend to shoot a black skinned people in comparison to others, in academic arena where equality is taught white male students are seen to get more favour by the professors, black skinned people are believed to have monstrous strength of working and they are incapable of feeling any pain and the examples continue (Haugen 129-31). Discrimination became in explicit practice at the time when explorers from West ventured into the journey to discover the world. Red Indians, Africans and Asians were mainly their objects of domination in the British colonies. The colonised people, in general, became a commodity of slave trading. Even, their identities were denied by the authorities at that time.
In this way, racism started its sinuous journey. With the advent of Christianity and the Biblical rendition about the Jews, they were treated very poorly by the majority. Then the discrimination between pagan and Christian came to the fore. The Christian missionaries started brainwashing people and converted them into Christians by pawning them to be elevated into a superior status. Eventually, it gulfed all public areas such as education, service, social functions, shops, administration and governmental policies.
Gender discrimination is another abominable facade of racism. Almost more than a century of women’s suffrage, they are the most exploited living beings after animals (Kalsen 1066). Objectification of women has become the core medium of business and entertainment. The woman is already shown as the main reason for corruption in Bible, and this characterization is potent enough to damage their future as long as the mankind exists. Again, women are restricted win countless regulations for the sake of family, society and religion. Today, the ratio of female population is absurdly low in comparison to men and this has been yielded by the age old practices of female infanticide, rape and murder of women, domestic violence upon women and malnourishment of women (Graham et al. 292-5). Again, it should be mentioned that the reason for being racism still around the world is the pre-historic biased thinking.
Apparently, world is seen to raise loud voice against the extermination of racism forever but at the same time, there are a large number of people exists today who find racism justified at every level of society (Taylor 747-8). These have been, however, some tangible instances of racism. In fact, people understand racism only in terms of exploitation of black skinned people and women. But, the situation is graver than one can think. Racism has now become more subtle and ruthless. Simultaneously, in some cases the primitiveness of racism is coming back. In the history, acute exploitation by the imperialists has given rise to many movements, mutinies and agitations and this long time suppression has given birth to some lethal terrorists in the world.
In the professional world, pay scale determines now how an individual should be treated. However, the continents that have suffered more due to racism are America and Africa. Red Indians, the aboriginals of America, got slaughtered, beaten to death, enslaved like an animal and were given no chance at live like a human being for quite a long time. As the law now does not support this anymore, they get denied at any public platform in a very covert manner (Gibbons 605). Moreover, if a white insults a black nowadays, it is instantly roared with criticism over social media but, most of those people do not realize it when they ridicule a villager of their own country.
Initially, racism was due to lack of education in underdeveloped countries and the outsiders from developed countries utilized it to the fullest for their own befits (Stoler 192-5). It is interesting to know that colonialism has also originated another kind of racism based on language. Grunsell (322) has noticed that In some major British colonies like India, the administrators for their own benefits educated natives with their superior language and those English known colonized people started looking down upon their own mother tongue along with the speakers. It is not limited to this; unable to speak in English in the Asian countries is still considered as a shame (Smedley and Smedley 20-22).
Today, racism is branched into violence, abuse, trolling, unfair advantage and many more. Sometimes, it seems that there is no remedy to eradicate racism from human conscious. The more disappointing fact is the exploited races are even stoic about the attacks they tolerate (Haugen 213-4). Most of them accept it as their fate or destiny. Racism also existed in the so-called progressive minds of eminent authors of literature, and they made the coloured character of their stories to behave like said earlier.
Joseph Conrad was alleged by Chinua Achebe for being unfair to black people in his novel Heart of Darkness (1899). In his “An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness” (1975) Achebe hurled at Conrad as the former depicted Africa to be a place of others (denoting people who did not belong to the mainstream population of British and alike). Even Shakespeare was under this influence of racism. In his play The Tempest (1610), Sychorax, mother of Caliban was exterminated by white Prospero and she was also depicted as a sorcerer (a loathsome creature as she was a black-skinned native to that island captured by Prospero). Smedley and Smedley (2004) have criticized these approaches of the popular authors and entertainers as they play a key role to shape up the mind set and attitude towards the fellow men in the society.
So far the discussion confirms that racism still exists and how it came to existence within mankind. Now, it should be further investigated why racism is still around. The implication of contemporary racism lies in the helplessness and insecurity of individual human being. Eminent psychologist Taylor (994-5) has stated that due to huge pressure in both public and private life people now more tend to go under depression and sometimes to fight it out with the pain and suppression they vent out on their inferiors attacking their culture, tradition, colour, religion and lifestyle. However, being a racist cannot be justified at any cost. Nature is the only creator and the ultimate destroyer. She has incorporated different features within the individual beings, and everybody should accept the outer shell of others as it is and concentrate only on the inner soul of a person to adjudge.

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