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Criminal Law
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Criminal Law
In this case, the subject-suspect status is that the two of them had been together, and they had even agreed to have sex. It is, therefore, difficult to identify which one of them was wrong since there is no evidence that the suspect acted against the wishes of the subject. The fact that the subject refuses to go to the hospital also raises alarm since all she wants is for the suspect to be arrested. The questioning applies to civil court cases. That is because the case involves a private dispute between two people (Gudjonsson, 2003). I believe that I have the discretion to decide whether the suspect is to be arrested or not. However, I cannot arrest the suspect without enough evidence that the suspect committed the crime. In order to decide on what to do, I have to listen to both sides of the story. That is because it is very difficult to determine which of the two is on the right side. Since both of them have had prior criminal offenses, I will have to carry out thorough investigations before deciding whether the suspect is to be arrested or not. I will also ensure that the lady goes to the hospital since that helps in showing whether she was forced to sex or not.
Video typing interrogations has various advantages and disadvantages as well. One of the advantages is that it ensures that the suspects are not harassed by the interrogators. That is because, in the past, the force was used during interrogation to ensure that the suspect agrees to have committed a crime. It also ensures that the interrogations are carried out in a way that is transparent. One disadvantage is that videos can be used as a way of creating countermeasures in cases. Videotaping will help in ensuring that the interrogations were carried out in the right way and that the officers did not commit any transgressions.

Discretion is a component that is desirable for the police officers. That is because they are the people that receive the complaints regarding the crimes that have been committed. It is, therefore, important that the police officers get to decide whether a suspect should be arrested or not. In most cases, the officers have to arrest someone in order to carry out further questioning and investigations as well. It is not problematic for the officer to make such a decision. That is because an urgent action is usually needed in some situations, and the arrested suspect can always be set free in a situation where they are not wrong. That shows that the officers have the power to decide whether a certain suspect should be arrested or not.

I believe that the bias cases should have a serious investigation. That is because most officers are very biased thus they do not handle the suspects in the right way. Most officers tend to favor one party thus they end up being unfair to the other party. The interrogation officers should be held responsible for a situation where such accusations are made. That is because they are the officers that are in charge of questioning the suspects in order to get to know what happened (Levi, 2013). They have to ensure that they can carry out thorough investigations in order to ensure that they have the right evidence thus they are fair to all the parties that are involved. That also helps in ensuing that the officers get to arrest the guilty parties.

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