Criminal law

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Criminal law
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Installation of CCTV Cameras

The installation of CCTV systems enhances the security of an organization. However, the installation process is faced with several challenges. One, finances are required to install the systems. The purchase of CCTV cameras and other applications is expensive. Additionally, the people who have the duty to install the systems need to be paid, and thus they consume a lot of money. Also, the system comprises several storage tapes that could keep the information for future reference (VIEWTECH SECURITY). Secondly, the CCTV systems require monitoring officers who should be there to check the screens that show the videos from different areas of the organization. Thus, the individual in this department is...

Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan Student’s Name Institution’s Name Emergency Plan In any environment, emergencies are bound to occur, and it is best if they are anticipated to occur. Under emergency management, evacuation is a must happen in an emergency situation. However, stakeholders to the emergency plan ought to know beforehand what to do when the unfortunate finally happens. The management ought to consider the kind of businesses they engage in on a daily basis, the number of employees and realistic expectations in the event an emergency occurs (OSHA, 2011). While considering the already outline as base values in the development of an evacuation plan, the management should first find out what...

Private versus public security

Private versus Public Security Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Security remains a matter of concern to all persons and considering the security threats in most parts of the world, more people are hiring private security guards as personal bodyguards or to look after their premises and homes. It is the role of the government to provide security to all the citizens at all times regardless of their race, religious affiliation, gender, age or even social class. The significance of public security in securing the nation at the state, county, and national level cannot be overlooked. This is because their interest is the security of all persons, unlike private guards who will only mind about...

Use and Regulation of Marijuana

Amendment 64 Use and Regulation of Marijuana, Colorado Ballot Initiative (2012) Name Institutional Affiliation Policy: Amendment 64 A policy is the overall codes by which guide a government in the running of public businesses, or the legislature in its measures. The policy states what to do, who to do it, how to do it, and for whom it is done. Moreover, organizations and governments use the policies in guiding the process of decision-making, regulating and facilitating action, and directing policy implementation. Essential about policymaking are the six steps, which include; problem definition, agenda setting, policy development, implementation, and evaluation. Amendment 64 Use and Regulation...


Name InstitutionCourse Date Immigrants Victims of Domestic Violence Immigrants to the United States constitute a mind boggling and assorted populace of ethnic and national gatherings with fluctuated foundations. A few immigrants have fled troublesome circumstances in their nations of origin while others have been drawn by monetary open doors. In the decade somewhere around 1990 and 2000 there was sensational development in movement among particular populaces, Little consideration has been paid to immigrant ladies who are battered. While no particular assessments exist on their numbers, the issues they face are not just those that influence battered ladies who are nationals, additionally...

Felony disenfranchisement

Felony Disenfranchisement and Good-Time Release Name Institution Date PART A Felony Disenfranchisement Laws barring felons from voting originated from the practice of ‘civil death.’ This law, brought to the United States by the English colonists, was a set of penalties for criminals that included losing the right to vote in any election. Initially, the law only restricted to people whose offenses were considered as an outrageous violation of the moral code. However, following the American Revolution, more states began to expand the penalty to involve all felonies. Currently, forty-eight states do not allow inmates of felony offenses to cast their votes. Thirty-five states bar inmates...

Criminal Law

Police Reforms in the Criminal Justice System Name Institution Police Reforms in the Criminal Justice SystemThe United States of America is the most racially diverse nation in the world. One expects that the economic gains are equally shared across society; however, some segments of American communities are marginalized. One aspect of the marginalization is in the criminal justice system where persons of color are treated disparately. This has fostered mistrust of the criminal justice system impeding efforts to promote public safety. The police are the first contact of the criminal justice system, and they are mandated to make an arrest for anyone suspected of wrongdoing. Yet, American policing...


Criminal Law Name: Institution: Course: Date due: Criminal Law In this case, the subject-suspect status is that the two of them had been together, and they had even agreed to have sex. It is, therefore, difficult to identify which one of them was wrong since there is no evidence that the suspect acted against the wishes of the subject. The fact that the subject refuses to go to the hospital also raises alarm since all she wants is for the suspect to be arrested. The questioning applies to civil court cases. That is because the case involves a private dispute between two people (Gudjonsson, 2003). I believe that I have the discretion to decide whether the suspect is to be arrested or not....