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Increasing Sustainability in the Organization’s Supply Chain

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Increasing Sustainability in the Organization’s Supply Chain

Category: Compare and Contrast Essay

Subcategory: Management

Level: College

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Supply chain management refers to the streamlining of the supply side of the business to build on its competitive advantage and maximize the value to consumers. The primary focus of this paper is to see whether the General Motors and the products it offers are sustainable, suggest an approach to increase sustainability in the organization using the 10 step method, and come up with a detailed implementation of the 10 step method to GMC thus help in maximizing the value to the organization. General Motors primarily deals with the sale and distribution of motor vehicles to the consumers through their various dealerships all around the world. Among the major brands in under General Motors include Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Opel and others.
General Motors is a well-known company due to its making of products that are of high quality thus meeting the consumers’ needs in the automotive industry. Last year, GM was ranked the 2nd largest automaker in the world after Toyota. GM also integrates efforts of environmental sustainability through the complying with the regulations and laws about the environment and business, monitoring the performance of GM to its criteria of environmental performance, and conforming to other dominant performance indicators. Other primary practices carried out by GM to enhance sustainability include waste and pollutant reduction, recyc…

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