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How climate changes such as Hurricane Sandy impacted my life.

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How climate changes such as Hurricane Sandy impacted my life.

Category: Admission Essay

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Level: High School

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How Hurricane Sandy impacted my life
A hurricane is a strong spiral weather that result from a surface of land or water that is described as a low-pressure system. A low-pressure system has the atmospheric pressure lower than its environs. The typical characteristics of a hurricane are heavy rainfall during and after the hurricane, lightning and thunderstorm are frequent, and the spiral effects stretches for over 500 miles from its epicenter. Hurricane Sandy was the second most dangerous hurricane to have been experienced in the USA. It affected 24 states in America apart from other Caribbean islands. It occurred in 2012 October and caused a damage of over $70 on properties. I am a resident of Staten Island, Newyork and also a victim to the hurricane. Out of the experience my life changed, and I bear the testimony always and share it as many times as I can to help change some perception about people. I was changed emotionally, financially, and also physically. The following illustrations of the changes I have are based on the personal experiences during the hurricane.
Impacts of the hurricane
Hurricane Sandy had been reported to have swept various regions starting from the Caribbean islands through Cuba. Various broadcasting channels from Europe and Britain had explained the progress and the expected outcomes and the states vulnerable from the attack. Our local disaster preparedness and management department had introduced mitigation measure, but, u…

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