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Category: Article

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Homosexuality has been one of the most controversial issues in the world for a long time. When it started, the society banished the people that engaged in it. They were considered evil people who did not deserve to live with the normal people in the society. However, as time passed, the society started embracing their perceptions. The people that believed in homosexuality had set a fierce fight aimed at making the society appreciate their views. It is after that fight that led to the inclusion of homosexuality theme in many movies and television series. Additionally, the government introduced specific regulations that stated that discrimination based on sexual orientation was wrong and could lead to consequences. Homosexuality has had a long history through which it has become a widely acceptable concept, yet it was unrecognized and banished decades ago.
Homosexuality, unlike what many people know, is a practice that spans many centuries. There are suggestions that it was common in the ancient times of Greeks and Romans, although many people engaged in it while hiding. The practice kept on seeping to the next generations, whereby, there was a small percentage of individuals in any generation that were homosexuals. As time passed, the governments passed laws that were meant to discourage people from engaging in the practice. According to Massaquoi (2013), there was a law whose purpose was to bring those engaging in homosexuality to justice. Under that law, the so…

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