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Hip Hip Culture

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Hip Hip Culture

Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550


George, N. (2005). Hip Hop America. New York: Penguin.

Hip-hop is today a worldwide multi-billion dollars’ business. It has produced celebrities all across the world especially in America where hip hop is viewed as a culture. The hip hop culture can be identified by the tie-in the film production companies, cladding, cosmetics as well as TV stations. The culture also has its own style of sports and dialects in addition to lifestyle.

Rabaka, R. (2012). Hip hop’s amnesia: From blues and the black women’s club movement to rap and the hip hop movement.

Rabaka shows or outlines what hip hop music culture acquired from the classic blues, spirituals in addition to bebop and classic jazz. The author also explains what the hip hop culture inherited or acquired from the movement of the Black women’s club. It also expounds on the rise of popular culture and black music was affected by the Harlem Renaissance and the movement of the New Negro between 1900 and 1950.

Rabaka, R. (2011). Hip hop’s inheritance: From the Harlem renaissance to the hip hop feminist movement. Lanham, Md: Lexington Books
The author claims hip hop is an inheritance that provides a long-term cure of what hip hop culture usually contains. Rabaka has it that the hip hop originated from the Harlem Renaissance, the movement of Female Art as well as the movement of Black Arts. The culture is also attributed to the post-modern aesthetics of the 1980s and 1990s.

Donaldson, M. (2007). Hip hop in Ame…

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