Gay Marriages

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Gay Marriages

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Gay Marriage is among one of the most controversial topics of debate as far as legislation and societal reforms are concerned. During the primitive days, the term marriage usually refers to define the social bonding established between a man and a woman and in some cultures, significant importance of nurturing a family. In a more contemporary world, homosexuality is quite commonly viewed with disdain and in some cultures and nations (even states), homosexual or more precisely, same-sex marriages are forbidden. In my view, gay marriages cannot be entirely justified on the basis of various grounds.
Marriage possesses a significant religious outlook in different parts of the world having a union of two opposite sex that are not closely related and have vowed for living together. However, with such a massive increase in the single parenting concepts over the decade, the true definition of marriage has withered severely (Messerli n.d.). Accepting the very notion of same-sex marriage would lead towards the further deterioration of marital life. The social nerve of society would be badly damaged and hence, it could lead towards polygamy on large scale.
Gay marriages are also detested as part of all the major religions in the world and it is considered as socially unacceptable and sinful. Surely, the relationship would result in complete structure of social strata and the very construct of marriages between a male and a female. Also, allowing the gay couples to marry would surely prove to be quite a danger to heterosexual marriages. Also, it can lead towards additional problems in the society besides the basic hurdles for government for managing these marriages (Schwarzschild 94).
The core purpose of having a marriage is to create the most fruitful environment for the child and/or children so that they can become an active part of the society and play their role. However, gay marriages would not have the very same opportunity to procreate it. However, only natural marriages have the capability for creation of secured, stable and nurturing environment for the children and hence, providing them perspective to become a contributing factor for playing their due role in society. A society having gay marriages legalized would lead towards the lesser amount of children that are responsible for shouldering tougher responsibilities of future. Also, a number of studies have also indicated that the most optimum environment for the nurturing and care of children is under the shadow of a father and a mother.
Considering the very basics and foundations of the world, one can simply find enough evidence, that for reproduction and spending a life together, there are pairs (or couples) of every mammal. Under the light of this argument, it can be assessed that the natural way of living and dwelling on this very planet is pairing through opposite sexes. Moreover, it allows the governments as well as the citizens with the opportunities to help their children find the best environment for them.
All in all, gay marriages are un-natural and have the capability to done more damage than good to the society and also, to the very family members. The legalization of gay marriage surely would lead towards enormous problems that include social integration on educational, political and traditional levels. Also, it can enhance the bifurcation of society at the current moment and even can cause great danger in the upcoming future.

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