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gay marriage-federal level

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gay marriage-federal level

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Gay marriage-federal level
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Gay marriage-federal level
Part One
In the late 20th century, there were more marriages that had minimal legal requirements. The first law enactment came into being in the year 2001, and this law was passed in the Netherlands. Currently, there are 14 countries that allow for gay marriages across the globe. Gay marriage is marriage by two individuals of the same sex. In the US, gay marriages are now legalized, after the case between Obergfell v. Hodges was found to be unconstitutional. Denial of marriage certificates to same-sex couples is a crime and violates the due process by the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. Further, it is currently clear that there is widespread support for same-sex marriages in Australia, some parts of Europe and the USA.
Gay-marriages across the federal level desire the full recognition of marriages between same-sex couples. Such couples are to be given certificates and recognized as part of the society without victimization. However, there are few critics to the issues on gay marriages, but most of them have been silenced by the recent unanimous ruling by the United States Supreme Court of its acceptance (Campbell & Monson, 2008).
Social services in the US are working in partnership with other stakeholders from the region to ensure a smooth transition of the law to the citizens. They do this by informing the majority that the respectability provided to the people…

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