Social Work

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Social Work
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Designing Levels of Intervention

Designing Levels of Intervention Student’s Name University Designing Levels of Intervention Case 3 Intervention on the Micro Level On the micro level, I recommend that Margie should maintain her meetings while she learns to be independent yet be more considerate of her mother’s feelings. I believe that when Margie gains independence, she would be able to accept herself more and from others who have the same disabilities. Assertiveness would be a huge help with regards to her mother’s feelings. This is because micro-level occurs in a social setting and pertain an individual behavior in a social setting. That's why Margie has to learn to be sensitive to her mother's...


Discussions 1-5 Name of Student Name of Institution Discussions 1-5 Abstract The discussions, encompassing different issues, will explore the paradigms of social work and human behavior. There is an understanding of parent-child interactions during childhood, the place of social work in young lives, the effects of divorce and the challenges of FGM and CEFM, as cultural practices. These social workers ensure that all the individuals, families and related parties are in touch with themselves. By delving into the scope of adolescence, this paper attempts to show that development is necessary for molding an individual's adulthood. Identity crises that augur during adolescence are serious issues that...

Discussions 6 10

Discussions 6-10 Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract Social Work aims at ensuring the well-being of individuals. It is especially aimed at helping vulnerable individuals achieve normalcy in life. Since the wellbeing of a person encompasses the physical, mental, spiritual and socioeconomic status of a person, social work is concerned with all these facets. Social workers, therefore, aim at influencing every aspect of a client’s life positively. This article discusses a few topics that concern social workers. The topics include sexual assault especially among children, media influence on people, discrimination and bias, education and poverty as well as mental health. Incidentally,...

Evaluating Existing Measures

Evaluating Existing Measures Name Institution Evaluating Existing Measures Mental measurement Yearbook (MMY) is a database that contains descriptive information and reviews that are written by worldwide experts (Baumgartner and Burns 2013). To be part of MMY, the test should be available and published in English. The criteria include career records, intelligence, and psychological tests. The original measurement approach is severity and symptoms which include conceptualizing the condition using psychiatric distress, checklist-90, questionnaires and the outcome form from the medical analysis. This approach helped answer the questions o the well being of the patient as well as how they...

Generalizing Study Results

Generalizing Results Name Institution Generalization will involve drawing broad inferences from specific observations. The observations made from a particular study can be applied to other cases as well and expect similar results (Martyn & Lyndsey, 2008). From the case study in California, it is evident that the Laws enacted by the government to assist families can help in reducing long-term dependency. From the above case study, it can be generalized that the Federal law of ensuring Temporal Assistance for Needy Families has proven to be satisfactory about reducing the long-term assistance that the government should provide to needy families. The programs provided by the county...

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract The task for this job involved taking a Conceptualizing Leadership survey to determine individual efficiency in leadership and personal views. The results indicate an emphasis on traits = 15, an emphasis on ability = 18, an emphasis on skills = 20, an emphasis on behavior = 20, an emphasis on process = 20 and an emphasis relationship = 20. According to these results, the emphasis on behavior, relationship, process, and skills have the same score. This is the maximum score and therefore denotes their importance. The ability has a slightly lower score at 18 while traits score the lowest at 15. I would classify my views on...

Methods of Measuring

Measuring Methods Name Institution Measuring Methods Perhaps a client could be dealing with anxiety. His or her progress can be determined through evaluating the health status during the condition. The questions that the study would be seeking to answer are as follows. What is the effect of anxiety on the health of the client? How can a person manage anxiety? Are there diseases associated with anxiety? The severity and the symptoms of the condition will be the measures of the phenomenon. This condition will be conceptualized based on broader measures related to psychiatric distress, health questionnaire, Checklist-90 and the outcomes from the medical diagnosis instead of panic, posttraumatic...

Movie Review

‘ Movie Review “Angela” Name of student: Name of institution: Abstract “Angela” 1995 film has proved to demonstrate the significant issues affecting children at the Industry (competence) vs. Inferiority stage, hence affecting their psychological, mental, and physical development. Angela, the main character in the film, becomes mentally ill for lack of proper parental care. Having been brought up in a dysfunctional family, she thought a lot about her parents. Her thoughts damaged her mental, chronological, physical, or behavioral development. This movie demonstrates the need for parents and guardians to guide and educate their children during the Competence vs. Inferiority stage....

Aiden Carter Reverse Timeline

Aiden Carter Reverse Timeline Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Aiden Carter Reverse Timeline Childhood Age Throughout his childhood, Aiden suffered emotional abuse perpetrated by his parents. One such particular event occurred when he was only nine-years-old. As he was playing with his plastic army soldier dolls, his father accidentally knocked one over and almost tripped on it. His father yelled at him for apparently failing to take care of his puppets. He smashed some of the toys and tossed him into the wall. When Aiden began to weep, he grabbed and dragged him to the corner of his bedroom. He called him a loser, a statement that contributed significantly to the psychological...