Book Report

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Book Report
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Coursework MANTRAS I bow to the energy of the world, to the almighty power of nature and change, I shall let it pass through and over me. I receive change in my life and vow myself to never stop changing, changing is energy and energy is life. In the sacred energy of the universe, I shall find respite. The light of the universe shall bring me peace and strength to learn how I can change the things surrounding me, affecting and effecting myself and others. I devote to myself and my inner strength, as I make capable of moving any obstacle and overcoming any difficulty, for I am part of the infinite light of the Almighty, who protects me and blesses me. Like the bamboo that swings with...

Relationship Marketing Making the Customer Count

Name Professor Course Date Introduction Relationship marketing is one of the key sections in the enhancement of business performance it's important to learn the relevance of this topic as it helps us understand the role it plays in the service Industry. We can further state that relationship marketing is the identifying, establishing, maintaining, enhancing, modifying and terminating of relations with clients so as to establish value for customers and net profit value for organizations. The service industry needs to keep up with the new turn of events. For a business to succeed it needs to concentrate on its existing customers and how to retain them. In any marketing activity customers...

the Son By Lois Lowry

Student Professor Course level Date The Son by Lois Lowry What does Lame Einar means when he tells Claire “it is far better, I think to climb out in searching for something instead of hating what you are leaving. From the quote, Einar meant that Claire should plan and prepare herself to climb the wall out to the village and find his son. He was aware that Claire hated the village for denying her the right to have her son and nurture him. Einar wanted Claire to stop hating on the community she was currently and focus on improving her survival skills so that the quest for climbing the cliff to reach her son would help her move out of the abominable village. Einar had realized that Claire...

gay marriage-federal level

Gay marriage-federal level Name: Institutional Affiliation: Gay marriage-federal level Part One In the late 20th century, there were more marriages that had minimal legal requirements. The first law enactment came into being in the year 2001, and this law was passed in the Netherlands. Currently, there are 14 countries that allow for gay marriages across the globe. Gay marriage is marriage by two individuals of the same sex. In the US, gay marriages are now legalized, after the case between Obergfell v. Hodges was found to be unconstitutional. Denial of marriage certificates to same-sex couples is a crime and violates the due process by the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution....

Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic Violence Against Women Domestic violence against women directed by their close associates (Former or current boyfriends/spouses) is a global epidemic in which its existence has a profound emotional, financial, physical and social effects on children, women, the family and the society at large. Recognition of domestic violence against women has been factored on the critical need to combat domestic violence as it is a violation of women’s human rights (Harne et al, 2008). Some people perceive domestic violence as a form of torture, as the effects of it are devastating both physical and psychological. It is important for the whole world to indulge in advocacy programs, reforms that are...

Gender Dynamics in the play A Doll House

Name Instructor’s Name English 102 4/12/2015 Gender Dynamics in the Play A Doll House The title of this play already offers a clue to its theme. The term doll has a deeper meaning than the doll used by children to play. This term is tied to Nora who is cuddled, pampered and patronized just as a kid would to a doll that has no say. The play portrays and distinguishes things that do matter and distinguishes them from superficial things. The play downplays the significance of appearances and perceptions to people. It is a play that shows things are not always as rosy as they are and one has to dig deep to get the real picture of things. From this play there are multiple themes one can...


Introversion and Shyness Name Institute affiliation Cain (n.d.) suggests that there is a significant difference between shyness and introversion. According to her, shyness entails one’s fear of social judgment, whereas introversion is concerned with one’s response to stimulation, including social stimulation. While extroverts seek large amounts of stimulation, introverts tend to feel more alive and capable in quiet and serene environments. Introversion and shyness are two distinct personality traits that are often wrongly assumed to be synonymous. According to the Myers-Briggs personality tests, introversion refers to one of the pairs in the test that receives a higher score if an...

Relationship Bewteen Federal And State Government

Name Instructor’s Name Course Date The Relationship to Federal & State Government The constitution of U.S. excludes the local units of government in most fields though the national government remains in control of some powers over the local governments. Individual states are controlled by the federal government as a whole. For instance, funds for development projects such as those for house, constructions are provided by the federal government direct to the cities whereas small and specified projects such as roads, wastewater treatment are controlled by the states under the monitory of the federal government ('Constitutional Law. Relations Between State And Federal Government. Employee...


CRITICALLY COMPARE PSYCHOLOGY AS A SCIENCE AND NON-SCIENCE Name of the Student Professor’s Name CRITICALLY COMPARE PSYCHOLOGY AS A SCIENCE AND NON-SCIENCE Any scientific discipline is backed up by adequate data and its analysis leads to a desired end-point. Hence, methodologies deployed in research are very important and accurate in portraying or analysing an issue in science. Such methodologies and its subsequent results provide a roadmap for the scientist to implement or plan strategies. For example, when an individual is suffering from an infection, he or she is asked to take a culture sensitivity test. This test helps in identifying the likely pathogen of the disease. Based on the...