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Fredrick Douglas on the Desire for Freedom

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Fredrick Douglas on the Desire for Freedom

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

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Fredrick Douglas on the Desire for Freedom (1845)
Fredrick Douglas uses his book to address the plights of American slaves in the nineteenth century (Foner 207). In addition, he attempted to inform people who did not understand the challenges faced by slaves at the time. More importantly, he applies the book to recount his previous experience as a slave. For instance, he narrates, “stolen us from our homes, and in a strange land reduced us to slavery” (Foner 209). In this case, he refers to the ordeal of African Americans when they were abducted from Africa, forced into slavery in America because they could provide free labor. Additionally, he understands how it feels to be in bondage because he was a former slave. Therefore, his argument was more attractive and compelling (Foner 209). Furthermore, he conducted extensive research on the issue of slavery, and he demonstrates the actual lives in his chronicle to attract and touch the audience. Notably, he utilized his account to approve that liberty was an essential component in the life of an individual (Foner 208).
Douglas strongly associates education with freedom since former slaves could gain greater opportunities in their lives if they were highly educated. Although the African Americans were out of slavery following abolition, they remained in lower social, economic status (Foner 209). Therefore, education could enable the African American to move away from poverty and have an …

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