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Five Pillars of Islam

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Five Pillars of Islam

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Religion

Level: College

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Five Pillars of Muslim
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The five pillars of Islam are the most important items to an Islamic life, and they include the following; shahadah, salat, sawm, zakat and the Hajj. The Shahadah is the creed that declares Allah as the only God, and Muhammad is his sole messenger. It is said that the proclamation, when uttered, affirms an individual into the Islamic faith. Moreover, it is whispered into the ears of a newly born child, as well as, being recited in prayer, daily. In addition, it is also written in the Arabic language on the mosques everywhere and on their doors. Salat, an Arabic word meaning prayer, calls for Muslims to pray five times a day: early in the morning, midday, afternoon, evening and in the depth of the night. Zakat implies charity to the poor, and the religion demands that the adherents a part of the wealth to the poor. Sawm implies fasting during the Ramadan, and which literally means abstaining from food a given period. Hajj, which is the pilgrimage to Mecca, is an ancient Arabic tradition that stretched many before the birth of Islam. This paper shall select Salat, Hajj and Sawm from amongst the five pillars of Islam, and describe actions associated with these three pillars, and their relationship to Islamic beliefs on Allah and the humankind.
Salat refers to the Muslim prayer is a pillar of Islam and an obligatory Islamic rite for all Muslims. The Salat uses a combination of mental, …

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